11 Best iOS UI Kits for UI Designers

11 Best iOS UI Kits for UI Designers from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on October 23, 2020

UI kits are a great tool that can be used by any UI designer, especially if they are just starting out. Most of the time, UI designers use UI kits simply because it’s easier to design an app using a kit than if you’re going to start from scratch.

UI kits contain prepared UI elements such as features, components, concepts, screens, etc. You can edit its elements such as buttons, log-in forms and navigation bars to your liking.

For this article, as the title already suggests, we are going to look at the 11 best UI kits for iOS. If you are an iOS UI app designer, take note because you may find just the right UI kit for you! We have also categorized them into different categories – Messaging, E-Commerce, Social, Travel, News, and Multipurpose – so you can easily find the best UI kit based on the type of app you’re working on.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

10 Best iOS UI Kit for Designers

Messaging Apps

1) Telegram iOS UI Kit

Telegram is one of the famous messaging apps, especially in Russian-speaking countries and regions. Telegram iOS UI kit contains key Telegram app views including Bot Welcome, Chats, and Contacts. If you plan to create bots for Telegram iOS, this UI kit is definitely for you.

2) WeChat iOS UI Kit

If you are working on WeChat iOS, then WeChat iOS UI Kit is definitely for you. It contains many elements which will be helpful in bulding WeChat bots such as icons, screens and interactions. You can work with it in English or Chinese language as you wish or need.

3) Sparks iOS UI Kit

If you are planning to build a messaging or chat app, but you don’t want the hassle of building it from scratch or spending plenty of money for hiring a designer, then you should check out Sparks iOS UI Kit.

Sparks includes 30 mobile screens to help you speed your work progress. These screens are conveniently labeled for you; they are categorized into Sign-Up Flow, Main App Screens, Contact, Calls, and Chat & Support.

Lastly, and one of its best features, Sparks is vector-based, so you can resize it as you need.

E-commerce Apps

4) Mcommerce UI Kit

Mcommerce UI Kit is a clean and very stylish e-commerce iOS UI Kit. This sleek UI kit contains more than 120 screens. Much of the design here was inspired by the 1980s casual culture, so you can expect modern minimalist design here. If you are into that design style and you’re designing for e-commerce apps for iOS, then you should check Mcommerce.

5) Minimal Chic Kit

Minimal Chic is a simple but stylish e-commerce UI kit for iOS. It contains some of the key features of every e-commerce app such as account settings, login screens, and of courde, product and product category pages.

Social Apps

6) Snap UI Kit

Snap is a UI kit for photo sharing and photo-based apps. It contains more than 50 screens and plenty of elements such as buttons, search bars and camera elements for your photo app needs.

If you are planning to create a photo-sharing or photo-based app, you should check out Snap.

7) Bronze UI Kit

Bronze is a clean and customizable UI kit for social-related apps. It contains elements such as login, user profile, blog screens, etc. It is also vibrant with its typography and color scheme. Although the kit is not specifically intended for iOS only just like the rest in this list, it is still worth checking out.

Travel Apps

8) Navigo UI Kit

Planning to create social media-like travel apps? If so, check out Navigo!

Navigo has 60 screens and they are divided into 5 categories: Main App, Activity & Profiles, Onboarding, Stats, and Info. Best of all, they have a vibrant color scheme and great designs. It’s definitely worth checking out!

9) Sofia iOS UI Kit

On the other hand, if you’re specifically building a hotel or travel booking app, then Sofia is the UI kit for you!

Also a vibrant UI kit, Sofia contains more than 25 icons, 150 elements 22 screens. They are available in light or dark mode, too.

Sofia UI kit was also built using vector shapes, so it is flexible working on it.

News App

10) Newz UI Kit

Newz UI kit is clearly a UI kit for designing and building news apps. News contains more than 25 screens, from Sign Up to Settings, so you’ll mostly have what you need. Each screen is also customizable to fit your needs.

Newz UI Kit is ideal for news, magazine and possibly blog apps.

Multipurpose Use

11) Multipurpose UI Kit

Of course, we cannot list all categories for this article – there’s just way plenty of categories you can work on! If you are creating other types of apps, you should check out Multipurpose UI Kit.

Multipurpose UI Kit contains more than 150 premium iOS screens and a whopping 1000+ UI elements – so there’s really something for anything in this kit!

Each screen is fully customizable, so you can edit them as you see them fit. On top of these, Multipurpose contains a great color palette for your design needs.