15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019

15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage
Philippe Hong

Updated on May 17, 2019

Are you looking for a design inspiration for your UX/UI project? As you know, design trends change over time, so it’s important to know what the trends of 2019 will be for you to catch up. In this article, we’ve listed the top 15 best UX/UI inspiration websites, which we have carefully picked, for you to read and learn from and gain inspiration with. May these websites help in your own UX/UI projects. We’ve carefully selected these websites so you can be sure you are on top of the design trend. These websites are also the best (or still the best) picks for 2019. They contain the recent and latest design trends for the year. Without further ado, here are the top 15 best UX/UI inspiration websites for 2019:

8 Best UI Inspiration Websites for 2019:

  1. Waveguide
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage Waveguide aims to be a reference site for anything about design knowledge and real-life design examples. They offer the best advice, tips and inspiration regarding design. Waveguide also ensure that all their articles are written in the highest quality possible, hence they limit their content generation to a strict system and not let anyone write a guest post on their site (unless you’re a highly-skilled designer). It means all the content you read are truly a work based from knowledge and experience. If you look for knowledge or inspiration, Waveguide can be your source of reference.
  1. Lapa Ninja
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage Lapa was created to be a source of inspiration for designers. The type of design they publish ranges from blogs, e-commerce, landing pages, and so on. They make sure they find the best examples and they update their lists daily.
  1. Uplabs
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage If you’re design for Web, iOS, macOS and Material Design, Uplabs is the website for you. This sites features the best resources regarding the design of such software. Things like user interfaces, experiments, open-source apps, libraries, and ready-to-use products can be found here. Unlike other websites here, Uplabs was created to give way to experimentation on design theory and practice. There’s lots of tools available there for you to use to further your experimentation.  
  1. SiteInspire
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage SiteInspire is dedicated to showcase the latest and best web interactive design. They showcase websites that are submitted to them by site owners. The site, so far, receives an average of 200 submissions per day, and they carefully pick the best sites to help you get inspiration from. Whether you’re looking for an inspiration for your website’s design or have a websites with cool graphics, you may want to check out or submit your design at SiteInspire.  
  1. Dribbble
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage Why “Dribbble” (yes, it’s triple B)? Because Dribbble helps players (designers like you) share small screenshots of their designs (called “shot”) to other “players”. Cool, right? Dribbble is a platform that helps designers network, share their work, improve their skills, and be hired by the best brands in the world. Unlike other sites in the list, Dribbble actually helps you meet fellow creatives and designers, work with them, or simply ask and give advice from one another. If you are fancying to get noticed by big brands like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Shopify, Dribbble is the best platform you. If you want to be part of this growing designer network, check and sign up on their website now!  
  1. Niice
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage Niice is another designing platform, but for a different purpose. Unlike Dribbble, which is a sharing platform for designers, Niice acts as a working platform, similar to Slack or Trello. But clearly, Niice is optimized for designing purposes. Here’s how it works: Have everyone and everything on the same place – it was what they call “boards” where you can easily collaborate with your team. If you want to share your work to your team for feedback or progress, you can upload it there.Easier feedback – their system is designed to help others easily give feedback for you. Whether you need a detailed feedback from your client or just a “Yes or No”, Niice is optimized to do this work for both of you. You’re given feedback in real-time! Library of designs – See your teams’ work for inspiration or more ideas. If you happen to work on a project, especially big ones, Niice can be a great platform for you and your team to use.
  1. Behance
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage Behance is the social media platform for all designers and creatives. Unlike traditional social media sites, Behance’s main purpose is to serve designers and creative. Hence, if you want a community of your fellow creative, you may want to check out Behance and sign up on their platform.
  1. UI Garage
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage According to its makers, ‘UI Garage’ started as a ‘ personal ‘ project. They wanted to document and store it in one place, which then resulted in the creation of UI Garage as an archive of their inspirations. Eventually, the blog adamantly expanded, and presently, its goal is to provide designers with practical design inspirations. What is good with UI Garage is that you can search and filter the extensive collection of inspirations.  

7 Best UX Inspiration Websites for 2019:

  1. Creative Bloq
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage One of our favorite inspiration site for design is Creative Bloq. As they wrote in their About page, Creative Blog is a “mix of advice and inspiration for digital and traditional artists, web designers, graphic designers, 3D and VFX artists, illustrators, and more.” True enough, their site presents different design inspiration as well as some advice for your design projects. Creative Bloq also make sure they keep up with the current trends so you won’t miss anything.
  1. DesignBetter.co
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage If you want to get advice directly from designers themselves, you should visit DesignBetter.co. This website presents small podcast shows featuring different best designers and creatives in their respective fields. You will get a ton of insightful advice and inspiration which can add to your current or potential project. Listen to these design experts, learn from them, be inspired and create a beautiful work of art!
  1. Prototypr.io
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage Simply described in their About page as “Daily design news, inspiration and deals: Everything you need to supercharge your design skills”, Prototypr.io surely is your source of news and even deals when it comes to UX and design technology. They capture the latest trends of UX design so you won’t miss anything. They also offer tons of design tips, advice and inspiration to help you keep moving forward.
  1. UsabilityGeek
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage In 2011, Justin Misfud founded UsabilityGeek as a personal hobby so as to evangelize about the importance of website usability.” His aim is to raise awareness about the importance of usability because he sees that only a few designers and developers at the time are aware of its importance. He aimed to bridge theoretical and practical work in the field of usability. As the blog grows, the topic they covered grew too, ranging from conversion, User Experience (UX), Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Architecture (IA). If you’re interested in this field, be sure to check out UsabilityGeek.
  1. UX Collective
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage As with most topics, there are tons of articles available in the Internet for almost any topic you can think of. UX is not different. But, most articles written about UX is not as easily digestible, especially for anyone just starting to learn UX. So, UX Collective was created. It was designed to write articles about UX in a easily digestible way. That way, even new learners can easily learn UX. If you’re having a hard time reading about UX, you may want to check this site out.
  1. UX Movement
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage If UX Collective is created to make UX concepts more digestible, UX Movement was created to show you the consequences of good and bad UX designs. UX Movement aims to show you which UX practices should you use and which ones to avoid for a better human interaction results. They point out that while many UX professionals prioritize functionality and design, they tend to forget the function of psychology and human interaction with the design they’re creating. UX Movement is a sneak-peek into how humans interact with the UX programs, and how to get the results we want out of it.
  1. UX Myths
15 Best UX/UI Inspiration Websites in 2019 from UIGarage Perhaps this is one of the simplest sites in terms of design. But don’t be fooled. UX Myths, as the name suggests, aims to expose the myths regarding the UX practices. To begin with, it’s even hard to define exactly what UX is, so from that point on, some of the aspects written about UX can be shady and confusing enough. UX Myths aims to clarifies this confusion and separate the myths from the facts. They cover not only topics on UX, but on design and even psychology, too. Overall, this is a fascinating site for anyone who looks to learn more about UX or just want to entertain themselves. It can be fun to quell the myths you once held true!


These are the 15 best UX/UI sites to keep your inspiration alive as you work on your projects. Sometimes, the best way to get inspired is to actually see a work of beauty or have a new idea about how to do it. As you have just read, these sites don’t just give you advice and information. Some of them focus on sharing information and knowledge. Others are a platform for you to network with other designers. While some are really just that – to boost your inspiration by showcasing actual beautiful designs. Regardless of their use, we hope these sites do one thing for you – to make you more inspired, more knowledgeable, and more skilled in your craft. Thanks for reading this article. Enjoy the sites we have carefully picked for you, and be the best in your art!