5 Best UX Design Agency in Sydney

5 Best UX Design Agency in Sydney from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on January 21, 2021

If building your own UX team sounds daunting, hiring a UX design agency could be a better option for you.

One of the benefits of hiring a UX design agency is that they already have a coordinated team at hand. Hence, you can readily assess the agency team’s skills and see if they can meet your needs. Whereas if you’ll build a team on your own, you will need to assess each of your team member’s skills and see if they can work together or not – and that alone is time (and money) consuming.

A UX design agency will solve that problem – bring your needs to their team and they will do the rest for you.

However, hiring a UX design agency has its downsides. Aside from being more costly (although cost assessment is easier with an agency), if you made business with a wrong agency, you will end your project in further mess.

Don’t worry, we have hand-picked the best UX design agencies, so you don’t need to do the picking yourself.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best UX design agencies in Sydney:

1) Raw.Studio

5 Best UX Design Agency in Sydney from UIGarage

Shout out to one of the best – and well-known – UX agency in Sydney: Raw.Studio!

After helping more than 10 multi-million dollar companies, some of them are brands you know – Freelancer, Snappr, BT Financial, Adobe – you’ll know that this is not just another UX agency around.

The technique of Raw.Studio is very simple: they allow you to validate your plan so you know if you’re working on the right product, then they will integrate your requirement and create a product based on your business’ or website’s needs and your customers’ needs.

They help their clients with marketing, branding, product design and other UX- and design-related work.

If you are a startup, we have great news for you: Raw.Studio strategized and designed for over 40 funded startups that have raised a total of more $250M.

So, if you are looking for a UX agency, why not hire an agency that worked for more than 10 big companies and helped startups raise millions of dollars for their company?

Check out Raw.Studio now!

2) Blueegg

5 Best UX Design Agency in Sydney from UIGarage

Blueegg is another great UX agency located in Sydney. Blueegg also worked with some big companies such as Volkswagen.

Blueegg’s key philosophy is simple: understanding your visitors is key to giving them a compelling experience. If you don’t know who your target audience is, how can you even reach out to them?

Hence, Blueegg’s process begins by understanding your customers and your industry through research. Once they got insight from their research, they will help you design a product that will meet the results of their analysis – that is, how your company will meet the needs, wants and behavior of your customers or target audience.

Blueegg truly focuses on UX because they believe that, unfortunately, many companies and websites set aside UX – hence, bringing them poor conversion and results.

For them, UX is simply important – just like any factor of your business – and how you treat it will positively or negatively impact your business.

If you want to know more, feel free to check them out!

3) Tobias

5 Best UX Design Agency in Sydney from UIGarage

Tobias’s strategy focuses on a human-centered approach. As their tagline says, “We put people at the heart of design”.

Human interaction is Tobias’s key to creating a design. They put human interaction at the center of their design-making process. They make a research on how your customer interacts on your business, then make products or provide you their services based on how your customers interact with you to make sure you maximize visits and conversion on your business.

They can offer you the following services: customer experience, innovation strategy, digital transformation, service design, product design, and research.

If you want to know more about Tobias, check out their website!

4) Pollen

5 Best UX Design Agency in Sydney from UIGarage

Pollen is composed of teams who are, according to Pollen itself, “expert-practitioners with over two decades of practice building premium branded digital experiences.”

Pollen prides itself on building effective designs through rigorous data analysis and sheer creativity.

Pollen’s main focus is on how you can connect with your audience. If your design cannot connect to your audience, it will be useless no matter how “great” it is!

With over two decades of experience, it will not be bad if you will check them out, too!

5) Studio LDN

5 Best UX Design Agency in Sydney from UIGarage

Studio LDN focuses on growing your brand value by creating a design that delivers great experiences to your customers. But this is not just sweet talk – Studio LDN had helped different clients for over 12 years; that’s a lot of experience! And yes, they’re continuing to grow their knowledge by learning new things and exploring new frontiers!

Studio LDN is also client-focused – they care about what you care. They’ll make sure that they meet your needs and they’re always ready to help you!


Finding a trustworthy UX agency is not an easy task, but with this list, we hope we have helped you sort all of your searches out! We hope the best for your partnership with these agencies and your projects!

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