6 Tips on How You Can Boost the Motivation of Your UX Designer

6 Tips on How You Can Boost the Motivation of Your UX Designer from UIGarage
Jacob Wilson

Updated on September 10, 2019

Motivated employees are crucial for achieving your company goals, increasing retention of your staff and boosting your overall productivity. Still, statistics show that only 15% of worldwide employees are engaged at work, and with almost 60% of tech employees reporting burnout, it’s safe to suppose tech companies are not an exception.

Here are some tips on how you can boost the motivation of your UX designers.

1. Open dialogue

For your UX designers to feel motivated at work and do their best to achieve company goals, you have to provide a stimulating work environment, that is the one which nurtures trust and transparency.

The first step towards such an organizational culture is setting clear expectations for your employees, and clear standards on how to best measure their performance. Your UX designers need to know exactly what goals they are expected to achieve and how, as well as to be aware of the effects their actions have on accomplishing overall company’s objectives. 

To keep your UX designers motivated, you have to understand that the work they do is both challenging and creative and that they’ll need continuous feedback on their performance, making sure they are on the right track. The more specific the feedback, the better, as they will have more relevant data to base their further actions on. Detailed and regular feedback will help them make better decisions when it comes to prioritizing their time and efforts.

Also, you need to make yourself available for their feedback too and make sure to let them know they are heard and taken seriously.

6 Tips on How You Can Boost the Motivation of Your UX Designer from UIGarage

2. Recognition

The lack of recognition in the workplace is one of the factors leading to burnout, and one of the worst motivation killers. People love when their efforts are recognized and praised, and in the workplace, the absence of such an important component can lead to frustration and disengagement.

In order to boost your UX designers’ motivation and make them feel valued at work, you need to show that you appreciate their outstanding performance and their efforts. You can recognize both the individual and group efforts and use every opportunity to make your recognition public, especially when it comes to achieving some stellar results. Inviting an employee to your office and personally thanking them for the job well done is also a great option, as they will know you find them worthy of your time and attention.

3. Rewards

Another effective way to boost the motivation of your UX designers is by rewarding top-performers. To make the most out of your reward system, you need to make goals clear and achievable, and the reward you offer desirable.
In addition to monetary rewards, such as a weekend getaway trip or a dinner for two in a fancy restaurant, you can offer some perks that aren’t material such as an extra vacation day or an opportunity to work from home, whatever suits their needs best.

4. Friendly workspace culture

6 Tips on How You Can Boost the Motivation of Your UX Designer from UIGarage

Another way of boosting the motivation of your UX designers is by showing your attention and genuine interest in their overall well-being, even when it is not directly work-related. You can promote a healthy and more active lifestyle at your workplace and, for example, establish a softball league, which will at the same time giving them a perfect opportunity to develop friendly relations and a team spirit. Organizing parties or team lunches, on a regular basis or on special occasions, is a great way to nurture good relationships among your employees and keep them motivated. You can also show that you care by offering personalized employee income cards and giving them quick access to their salary by saving them from obsolete check-cashing fees.

5. Refreshing environment

The overall performance of your UX designers depends largely on the environment they are working in, and if you want to boost their motivation, you have to make them feel comfortable. The office they are working in is the place where they spend most of their time during the day, and it can affect their productivity and motivation to a great extent. 

Start with the basics, such as the temperature and the lighting in the office, as well as the furniture. It’s important to make necessary changes whenever there is a need and opportunity. Your UX designers will often need a peaceful and quiet environment for some problem-solving work they need to fully concentrate on, so providing them with private spaces they can work in without interruptions or supplying them with noise-canceling headphones can make a huge difference when it comes to their productivity. 

Adding some perks, such as free coffee, tea, and snacks, or weekly treats such as pizza or donuts, won’t put a hole in your budget, but will make your staff feel cared for and appreciated.

6. Offer flexible work

6 Tips on How You Can Boost the Motivation of Your UX Designer from UIGarage

To make your UX designers feel valued, you have to show them you trust their capabilities and respect their needs, and you can start by offering them flexible working hours and an opportunity to work from home, whenever the workload allows. 

Most employees find commuting to work tiring and unpleasant and love the chance to work from their sofa or any other place of their choice, a day or two in a week. Rigid and strict working hours are a fair requirement for employers who work directly with clients and customers but are usually unnecessary for those in UX design. So, think about adding a bit more flexibility and variety into their schedule as it can be beneficial. 

By establishing a transparent recognition and reward system in your workplace and offering your employees a chance to communicate their suggestions and needs, as well as by throwing in some extra perks, you can boost both their motivation and your company’s productivity.

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6 Tips on How You Can Boost the Motivation of Your UX Designer from UIGarage
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