7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021

7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021 from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on January 3, 2021

Having your own UX team can be a great option for some businesses or organizations, but it definitely isn’t for everyone. Building your own UX team requires a lot of effort, time and money. Also, hiring each UX specialist in the field is in itself time-consuming and needs a lot of effort – you don’t just hire people, but you need to make sure that each of them is up for the task!

If building your own UX team isn’t for you, consider hiring a UX agency.

One of the main advantages of hiring UX agencies is that, you don’t need to go through the hassle of building your own UX team. Also, the hiring process isn’t that complicated – you just need to screen one agency compared to around 3 or more UX specialist if you are to build your own team.

Now, hiring a UX agency isn’t all roses and sunshine – it has its own disadvantages such as being expensive and if you happen to work with a bad UX agency, it’ll be like you just threw a lot of cash into the trash bin!

But don’t worry, we’ve already got you covered! If you are looking for a UX agency to work with in Sydney, we recommend you check out these top 7 UX agencies!

7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021

1) Raw Studio

7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021 from UIGarage

Shout out to one of the best – and well-known – UX agency in Sydney: Raw.Studio!

Raw Studio is one of the best UX agencies in Sydney, but you don’t need to take it as that – Raw Studio work with 10 multi-million dollar companies; a few of them are names you probably already know – Adobe, Freelancer, Snappr!

Aside from that, Raw Studio also designed for 40 funded startups. The result? In total, they raised more than $250M! In other words, Raw Studio is not just your another UX agency; it’s one of the best out there!

Raw Studio focuses on helping their clients with product design, marketing, branding and other design and UX projects.

2) Frank Digital

7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021 from UIGarage

Frank Digital is an Australian-based UX and digital agency with locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Frank Digital focuses on working on the design and development of websites, apps, digital products and e-commerce platforms.

Frank Digital had helped AMP Capital become a market leader just by improving their customer’s digital experience, developed a platform for Regional Australia Bank that delivers “smart simplicity and a sense of community” to its regions and created Navigator, a platform that helped WSU’s students in navigating their new Parramatta Campus – these are just some of the notable works of Frank Digital.

Through these works, we can see how Frank Digital had made an impact to their respective clients and industries. If they helped these clients and industries, so they can for you, too.

3) Tobias

7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021 from UIGarage

Tobias’s strategy focuses on human-centered approach. As their tagline says, “We put people at the heart of design”.

Tobias’ main strategy is focusing on what they called “human-centered approach”.

Human interaction is the guiding principle for Tobias whenever they design a product or platform. This enables them to maximize your conversion and interaction with your customers or users. On your customer’s or user’s end, Tobias’ design provides them with digital experience that simply connects with them. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Tobias mainly focuses on innovation strategy, digital transformation, service design, customer experience, and product design.

4) Blueegg

7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021 from UIGarage

Bluegg is a Sydney-based UX agency with a simple design philosophy: you should know your visitor if you want to provide them with a compelling experience. Simply put, if you don’t know your customer or user, how can you create a design that fits into their mold?

Blueegg had worked with big companies; one of the most notable among them is Volkswagen.

5) Studio LDN

Studio LDN specializes in your growing your brand. They do so by designing products that deliver memorable experience to your customers – which is great for your brand!

But there’s more to Studio LDN – this agency is working for clients for over 12 years and counting! In the process, not only they grow their skills and expertise, but they are eager to learn new things to better improve the way they serve their client!

6) Luminary

7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021 from UIGarage

Luminary is a UX and digital agency in Australia that focuses on working for professional services, non-profits and charity, superannuation, and e-commerce and retail. They are mainly focused on digital strategy, UX and design.

Luminary received multiple awards including 16 Australian Web Awards, 18 W3 Awards and 37 Communicator Awards!

Luminary is located in different major cities in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. They also have one office in Bali, Indonesia.

7) Pollen

7 UX Agency in Sydney to Check Out This 2021 from UIGarage

Pollen is a UX agency that prides itself for building effective designs through their thorough data analysis and creativity.

The main philosophy and mission of Pollen’s work is finding ways to connect you with your audience, so their emphasis revolves around human connection and how your design will touch your customers or users.

Not only that, Pollen is already running and serving different clients for over two decades. With that level of experience, you’ll know you’ll be in good hands with them!