8 Crucial Social Media Tips for Every Web Design Business

8 Crucial Social Media Tips for Every Web Design Business from UIGarage
Arslan Hassan

Updated on May 15, 2020

In these days where there’s immense competition, developing a commendable social media strategy looks like a daunting task. At the same time, the survival of any business becomes a big question without having a good social media presence. Research shows that 73% of the potential customers investigate the brand on multiple social media channels before making the final purchase.

Whether we talk about the tweets on Twitter, a viral video of Facebook, or an eye-catching photo on Instagram, all of these are now considered as ultimate tools for providing a distinctive online presence for your brand. However, even if we have a social media strategy in hand, we cannot just sit back and relax. We need to work on our ideas for getting the desired outcomes.

If we talk about a web design business, we can see gazillions of social media campaigns started by different website designing companies, and even the web designing experts working individually. Thus, the competition is tough and one needs to know the secrets for standing out in the crowd.

This article will cover the social media tips that every web design business owner should know.

Be consistent in your page branding

8 Crucial Social Media Tips for Every Web Design Business from UIGarage

Today, potential customers have become smarter than ever. They always keep a close check on every action taken by the brand. Customers only rely on a brand that has developed and maintained a professional image for long. As web designers know the impact of colors, themes, and designs on the viewer, they can better understand how to give a professional touch to their business page. 

A professionally designed logo, an impressive theme, and a smart selection of colors can surely increase your chances of conversion. No one will think twice to return to your page after finding an inappropriate theme or poorly edited images.

Depending on the nature of the social media channel, web design firms should select their themes and images accordingly. These channels provide a plethora of opportunities to the firms to showcase their efforts. They should go for a sophisticated and simple style so that their feeds are able to show consistency. This constancy in the branding technique is mandatory for creating a professional image in the eyes of potential customers.

Profile descriptions can be a game-changer

8 Crucial Social Media Tips for Every Web Design Business from UIGarage

Potential customers will look and read about your web design brand before experiencing your service. A creative description can turn thousands of heads towards you. However, you must keep in mind that the descriptions are character sensitive so there is a dire need to show your talent with appropriate selection of words. A little research on using the right keyword and a dash of humor can result in the best bio-description.

It is insane to think that web design businesses do not need to write an impressive description of their profiles. Though the nature of business is related to colors, themes, styles, and designs, the description plays an introductory role for every business. Web design firms can use these small sections to let their visitors know about their achievements and awards.

Make sure that the description is relevant and includes a track-worthy hashtag so that your chances of reaching the potential clients become higher.

Reviews are ideal for building trust

8 Crucial Social Media Tips for Every Web Design Business from UIGarage

Every customer now relies on reviews before making an actual purchase decision. Since these reviews are given by the former clients, they are an ideal source for selecting the best brand. Facebook provides a section of reviews on every business page. Apart from it, the former clients can also give ratings in which 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. These ratings and reviews of social media pages also play a key role in getting a higher position on the search engines.

However, it should be kept in mind that one negative review is enough to bring your brand’s image from top to bottom. If your web design firm has developed a professional image and has been successful in satisfying its former clients, it will surely get positive reviews. Some companies even send e-mails to their clients for requesting reviews on their social media channels.

These reviews are actual proof of having your community of loyal customers that are your asset to driving more traffic.

Follow the trends

The trends on social media keep changing and one needs to go with the flow for acquiring a stable position in the competitive market. Equipping yourself with the latest social media tools is imperative to stay in the game. For instance, a digital marketing services company in Pakistan started using Facebook dynamic ads in the very first week after its launch. It has resulted in a rapid increase in sales as well as getting the clients’ attention. The software house also got positive reviews on both Google as well as social media channels. This new strategy acted as a life-saver for the business and increased its rank on the search engine.

Apart from this, you should also keep an eye on the most trending hashtags. Try to incorporate those hashtags in your posts and notice what other firms of your niche are following. Several social media listening tools are also available like Hootsuite, Keyhole, Sprout Social, etc. They act as a helping hand in letting you know about the impact of a new social media technique on the current traffic.

Display work samples

8 Crucial Social Media Tips for Every Web Design Business from UIGarage

Some web design firms are smart enough to develop a compelling business page but they fail in sharing their work samples. Though an impressive page will let the client reach you, you will only get an order if your sample work is good enough to impress your client. You can display your samples on your business page, no matter which social media channel it is.

Some web designers prefer displaying a portfolio. The link of the portfolio and some glimpses of it can also be easily shared with the viewers. It helps in gaining the trust of potential clients and also enables your followers to share your work with their circle.

When sharing the sample work, make sure to highlight your former clients. If you have worked for some good brands, do not underestimate the power of letting others know about them.

Third-party tagging

Today, brands are not only using the direct strategy for creating their good-will in the eyes of potential clients, but they are also using all indirect means. This refers to catching your target market via emotional means. When you share the content of a third-party, be it a shout-out or just tagging, potential customers will notice your co-operation with other businesses which in turn creates your good-will.

When you share others’ content, you will also get something in return. So, make sure to share the relevant content. For instance, you can share an informative post of a software house, tag the best website developers on an interesting article or share the content of an influencer.

Share informative and relevant content

When it comes to your social media identity, content is considered the king. Many businesses have blogs where they post information relevant to their business. Sharing a link of this blog on social media channels is an ideal way of getting higher visibility and letting your clients know about your efforts.

Visual content is now trending on different social media channels and it provides an amazing opportunity for web design firms to attract their target market. By producing more and more visual content, they can show their creativity levels in different styles. For instance, a compelling video showing the techniques in web design is enough to prove yourself.

Many businesses are creating a buzz about their brands by posting a sneak peek of their YouTube videos, and then sharing the link of the original video in the description on social media channels. Some of the latest stats have revealed that video content is leading to more conversions than graphics.

Engage your potential clients

Every now and then we observe some fun-filled contests on social media. These contests are created to develop a healthy relationship with the clients. Social media provides an ideal platform for implementing a win-win strategy through these contests. These contests are followed by giveaways, which means that the clients will get something of value. In return, the brand gets engagement, more followers, viral content, higher likes, and shares.

Brands can also plan these contests as per their business nature. For instance, a web design brand can start a video contest in which contestants are required to make a short video of their websites and a gift is awarded to the best self-designed website. Here, a web design firm can also incorporate influencers as the jury. Video contests easily become viral and get more followers. On the other hand, photo contests are also loved by people since social media is a hub for sharing photos.

In a nutshell, it now seems mandatory for every web design firm to equip itself with all the tools of social media so that survival in this competitive arena becomes easier. 

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8 Crucial Social Media Tips for Every Web Design Business from UIGarage
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