8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers

8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage
Jennifer Sanders

Updated on March 12, 2020

As a marketer, you may find your plate is full of working out marketing strategies. Add to that the modern requirement for content creation, and you may begin feeling snowed under. 

However, many tools are available for combining design and marketing to enable you to work smartly and efficiently. By streamlining your marketing and designing needs, you are able to focus more on boosting your brand.

Here are the top 8 graphic design tools for busy marketers. 


8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage

Canva is a great tool for anyone who is not sure of their graphic designing ability. Canva allows you to create your own design, but also offers a large number of templates for you to choose from. In addition to this, Canva also offers a blog and a design school that can help you perfect those skills you feel are lacking.

Canva also offers the opportunity to resize for any platform and you can always come back to reuse designs. Finally, Canva is a pay-as-you-use service. This means there is no monthly or annual subscription fee and you only pay for the stock images you use.

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8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage

Vexels can be used for anything from basic logo branding to printing on shirts or caps and even large-scale applications. Besides, Vexels boasts a repository of 60,000 stock photos, all available royalty-free.

The Vexels repository has designs that are ready to print or ready to edit and you can use it for your website, logo, and any company merchandise. To have all this at your fingertips, you need to subscribe to the Vexels site and pay a small monthly subscription fee.


8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage

Stencil is an easy-to-use tool ideal for social media marketers and bloggers. A stencil is home to more than 1,400,000 images, all royalty-free, as well as more than 2200 web fonts and over 1,000,000 graphics and icons. 

Stencil also helps designers to resize images for any format on any platform so that you have flawless images with every aspect of your campaign. That’s something you can rely on when looking for a great website design with outstanding visuals.

The Stencil pro service requires a small monthly fee and restricts your creations to five images each month. The small fee also gives you access to the image and font libraries, as well as more than 650 templates.


8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage

Snappa offers designs that can be used on any social media platform and blog posts, and you don’t need to have the design experience to use it. Snappa helps you adjust your images to suitable dimensions, depending on which platforms you are designing for.

Furthermore, Snappa offers a library of 53,500 images and more than 200 fonts. All of the graphics are licensed for commercial use, and as a result, they are royalty-free. They also offer a free service or a paid service. The paid service requires a minimal monthly fee in exchange for unlimited access to all the libraries.


8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage

Fotor is the ideal tool for those budding designers who want the features of Photoshop but don’t have the budget or computing power for it. Fotor is a lighter version of Photoshop, available at a fraction of the cost. It offers a wide variety of image editing tools as well as easy-to-use templates.

What makes Fotor even more appealing is that you do not need to pay to use it. For the marketer who has very basic design needs, Fotor offers a free service. Fotor allows you to complete basic designs for free, and it offers a user-friendly interface.

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8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage

Easil is another great design tool. While the free version is very limited, the monthly subscription fee is reasonable and allows you access to a wide variety of simple tools. Further, the paid version allows you to resize the same image for a multitude of purposes, including banners and icons.

Easil is a handy tool for the marketer-designer who is always rushing around with no time to sit and design. The templates are one hundred percent customizable, including customizable text. Thus, it is a simple matter of editing a ready-made template if you don’t have time to design your own template.


8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage

RelayThat is the ultimate tool for the marketer with no design skills or limited time. All you do is type out the information you want to be included in your design, such as title, link, background imagery and icons. The RelayThat tool comes up with some designs and you get to choose the best one for your needs.

While this seems like the ideal tool for the marketer on the go, it comes at a higher cost than the other tools listed. However, there is a free version available that provides you with the same service. The free version limits you to five downloads per month and designs come with a watermark.


8 Powerful Graphic Design Tools for Busy Marketers from UIGarage

Pixlr is also a lighter version of Photoshop. However, it is important to be careful when using Pixlr, as it requires complete customization for every step. There are no graphics or templates available, so you might take a bit of extra time making your own. If you are in a hurry, you can use the Express version of Pixlr.

What makes Pixlr a great tool for marketers who are always on the go is its mobile version. You do not need to haul your laptop with you wherever you are since the mobile version offers the same functionality as the desktop version.


While most marketers may feel too rushed to take on designing tasks as well, content creation is an essential aspect of a successful marketing campaign. There is a myriad of tools available to the busy marketer to aid your design process. Some tools require basic skills, while others are intuitive. It is important to choose the tool that suits your needs and your budget.