Free iOS Kit of 2019

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on July 3, 2019

    Ooh, free kits! But what is an iOS Kit? Is it free for all gadget users? What should I know about iOS before I enjoy the luxury of having its freebies? Before we dwell on the freebies, let us first give you a quick background on what an iOS Kit is.

    Now, iOS is defined under the PCMAG as ‘IDevice Operating System’ (iOS) or the primary control program in the brand Apple, or globally known for their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This is a program that is designed for their so-called Objective-C and Swift, for Apple users, you may know this as the ‘MacOS operating system.’ Albeit, generally, an iOS is also known as robust system software that supports standard functions in all products based on Cisco Fusion or those products that include network hardware, telecommunications equipment, and high-technology services and products.

    Consequently, what we are focusing on is the Free iOS kits you do not want to miss in your computers, take note, computers, not android or any other gadgets for this 2019. Our top ten (10) in the list is composed of five (5) categories divided categorically into iOS 11 UI Kits, UI Kits for Social Apps, Chat & Messenger UI Kits, eCommerce UI Kits, and More cool UI Kits. In each category, we handpicked two (2) UI Kits for each group. So, what are we waiting for, let’s explore them!

1.  iOS 11 iPhone GUI by Facebook

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Designed by yours truly, Facebook, this UI Kit consists of a comprehensive set of files for Origami, Sketch & Photoshop that you will significantly need for your iPhone X app. Additionally, it has Origami components mirroring the behavior of the most important UI elements in iOS 11, as well as items found on Sketch and Photoshop. This will be your favorite as an iPhone X user!

2.    iOS 11 UI kit for Adobe XD

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Another favorite would be this iOS UI Kit for Adobe XD, especially if you are learning or working with Adobe XD. This little UI includes twelve (12) different screens, featuring some default iOS 11 designs like the Control Panel, Lock Screen and several AppStore screens. This may not be that grandiose, yet it is also very useful.

3.    MAIL UI Kit

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Grab this tailor-made UI for applicable for your desktop, mobile, tablet, and smartwatch formats, to make your design looks its best on any device! What is it made of? It has: 78 UI templates

Twenty-six (26) categories, 250+ UI elements for Sketch and Photoshop, Dozens of hand-crafted components, and Web fonts for easy editing, SKETCH and.PSD file types. This is a sleek and simple design, with three (3) different color variations, meaning, mail can be easily modified! Its colors are gold(for sophisticated feel), and purple and teal (for vibrant and striking color as an aesthetic). Once you explore this UI, you will find inspiration in creating intuitive calendars, personal profiles, sign-up pages, and a lot more—your best friend in speeding up your tasks.

4.    Moon heart UI Kit

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Want another masterpiece from the creator Tung Chi Vo? Here is another UI he made explicitly for Adobe XD, and take note, this is a free UI Kit. This is called ‘Moon Heart’ as it includes twenty-three (23) different screens spread throughout a variety of categories, plus it has a fantastic concept for social images sharing application. What’s the best thing about this is that it is a UI kit you may download for free! Just visit Gumroad page and download it. If you are most kind-hearted, you may also support its creator through a donation.

5.    Travel Guide App UI Kit

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Are you a traveler of this modern-day-period, and would love to explore the corners of each city you are visiting on your own? Travel Guide App is your pal! This is designed by Ashok Rajan, and what is great about this app is that it’s composed of the following features: location filter, travel cards, detailed views, with two (2) simple color palettes (#1EB9E5 and #8E8E93), plus typography of SF Pro Text and SF Pro Display. Generally, this UI Kit is inspired by the traditional ‘compass’ that expert and amateur travelers use when looking for a direction they seek to reach.

6.    Travelisto Free UI Kit for Sketch

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

“Plan your travel, anytime and anywhere,” is Travelisto’s motto and inspiration of Robert Anitei for designing this UI. This is intended for Sketch with over twenty-two (22) iOS app screens in vector format, based on symbols. Relax and enjoy the luxury of planning your way to your next destination!

7.    Mercatus-MCommerce UI Kit Sketch Freebie

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Designed and crafted consisting one hundred-twenty 120 screens, in a very smooth and sleek flow. This UI is an excellent means in creating a simple yet handy e-commerce app experience, both for personal and commercial use. What is its creator’s inspiration for the UI’s design? The Mercatus theme was inspired by 1980’s casual culture, European designer clothes, and modern, minimal aesthetics, plus its creators also made a little sound mood board playlist available at

Have fun on your eCommerce journey!

8.    Minimal Chic-Free UI Kit

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Are you classy, and fancies minimal design for your gadget? Love this crafted UI kit made by Brigette, a Digital Product Designer from Rome, Italy. This eCommerce UI kit she designed is composed of sixteen (16) grandiose and clean mobile screens, and very useful for anyone wanting to start his/her own online shop UI experience a very 80s vibe platform. Most importantly, this can be downloaded for free, so don’t miss the chance of using this.

9.    Holo Music App UI Kit

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Are you enjoying the beat of your favorite artists’ music? How about giving your screen a more dark, club-like feels in it, as you enjoy your music? Then, Holo Music App is just what you need. It is designed and crafted by Tom Koszyk, made for Sketch. Oh, and this is all for free. So, Elevate your music experience by downloading this, now!

10.  Place UI Kit – The future of augmented reality mobile apps

Free iOS Kit of 2019 from UIGarage

Crafted by Volodymyr Kurbatov, this UI kit is designed to cater to almost any practical thing you will need. May it be in terms of catalogs, lists, maps, tips and all types of camera views for every stage of AR experience as scanning, placing, and interacting—Place UI Kit got your back. With eighty plus (80+) screens, thirty plus (30+) vector icons, and a lot more, it is impossible not to find ease in every way as any user uses this UI. It is for free, and comfort in use can now be just one click away!


   Above all, with these Top free iOS kits listed for our beloved users, it is also a perfect tip that you check-up on your devices as to its storage capacity for easy use of these UIs, and of course, download what is best to help and assist you in your daily-takings. Do not forget; this is Free UIs which may help and assist you in your tasks, but what makes every one of us accomplish them would be the traditional human-discipline and determination of taking them on, piece-by-piece. Enjoy your UIs, fellas!