Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on June 6, 2019

Hello 2019, and hello new set of fonts! If you are a fan of using a simplistic and classic font, then here is your bucket list of free, classified Serif fonts. Design your computer outputs using these Free 2019 Serif fonts you don’t want to miss!

  1. Playfair Display

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage Want elegance in its purest form? Playfair Display is your font! Designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen, a typeface designer from Amsterdam. This font is a transition from the 18th Century broad nib quills into pointed steel pens font style. The font accords its design from the development of print letterforms of high contrast and delicate hairlines that are increasingly detached from the written letterforms. The Scotch Roman and John Baskerville designs influenced this font, which creatively fits with Georgia in a text. An additional fact about this is it is a sibling of Playfair Display SC small caps family. Globally, over 5,000,000 websites have been using this font in creating an elegant platform/design.
  1.   Source Serif Pro

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage If you have been using Source Sans Pro, the first typeface opened by Adobe which fits any user typeface, and that you wanted to put some edge on this, well, Source Serif Pro is its complement. This font style is solely designed for Source Sans Pro family as its complementary font style. All the credits go to Frank Grießhammer, for now, over 210,000 websites are loving this font style in presenting their platforms!
  1.  IBM Plex Serif

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage Want a vibe of a mixed-in techy and humanistic typeface? IBM Plex Serif is at your service! A typeface created by Mike Abbink, an Executive Creative Director at IBM Brand Experience & Design who oversees the IBM braiding worldwide! Apart from IBM, he also created FF Kievit, FF Milo, and Brando. Mike created this font style in partnership with Bold Monday, an independent Dutch Foundry under Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen, catering international clients for high-profile designs. The font highlights the emphasis on IBM’s influence on the century’s transition from the traditional into a modernized one. The look on this typeface is neutral, with a friendly Grotesque style typeface that includes a Sans, Sans Condensed, Mono, and Serif. Most importantly, it has excellent legibility in print, web, and mobile interfaces. Internationally, 14,000 websites are currently using this typeface for their projects.
  1. Noto Serif JP

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage Ohayou! Are you looking for a typeface that caters various languages? Noto Serif JP is here. This typeface is designed by Google for versatile users, but this caters explicitly the Japanese language, if you want to see a traditional Sans Serif font stroke in Kanji/Hiragana, then here is your font! Globally, this font is a favorite in Japan and the United States of America. Additionally, over 52,000 websites are using this typeface in their platforms.
  1.  EB Garamond

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage If you want a classical but fantastic font, EB Garamond is your friend.  Named after the Parisian engraver, Claude Garamond, this font is one of the oldest styles of serif typefaces. It is also an open source project to revived Claude’s famous typeface. Garamond is the most copied typefaces in the world.
  1. Coldiac

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage “Diamonds are girls best friends, and Coldiac is your luxurious font style.” Designed by Craft Supply Co., the inspiration is grounded from the fusion of pure geometry and optical balance. Coldiac shows off a clean, fine, and feminine look when used in a platform. Its appearance is relatively low contrast of strokes, slightly squarish shapes of round characters and would give off a vibe of businesslike nature. Suitable for logo, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary Very good for formal, classy, and minimalistic designs!
  1. Adallyn

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage Here is another Sans Serif font of our present time, inspired from the minimalistic vibe. Crafted by Faraz Ahmad, this typeface is an all-caps/uppercase in numbers and letters, with noticeable distances between the letters. Totally perfect for any type of platform, such as: logos, invitations, texts, presentations, magazine, posters, notices, titles, name card, web layouts, headers, branding, weddings, social media, product design, stationery and advertising, any other business related; and highly recommendable for designers of any event.
  1. Born Serif

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage If you want a comfortable with a personal and/or commercial feel on your design’s font, Born, a free humanistic serif typeface may fill your need. This font is based on traditional calligraphic forms, but with some new features in its endings, strokes and drops, giving a fresh and actual look. This originated from Barcelona city at early 2013, bearing the name of one of the most picturesque Barcelona districts, on the shores of the Mediterranean taking together the old and the traditional, plus the multi-cultural input and new trends, blending these in its narrow and winding streets, creating a symbiosis between tradition and modernity, resulting to ‘Born typeface’!
  1. Forum

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage A nostalgic, antique, classic-ey ‘Roman’ proportions on your letters are what Forum typeface bringing to your platform. Molded by Denis Masharov, and is now popularly used both in European countries and the United States of America. Internationally, over 2,300,000 websites are using this typeface in their branding/projects! But how does this look in a platform? It works well in body texts, and in titles and headlines. It is a multilingual font, with glyphs for Central and Eastern Europe, Baltics, Cyrillic, and Asian Cyrillic communities.
  1.  Bariol Serif

Top 10 Free Serif Fonts for Designers of 2019 from UIGarage Want a little bit sweet and friendly feel on your typeface? Take this font design made by Atipo Foundry, an independent digital typeface foundry and graphic design studio based in Gijón (Spain) established in 2009 under Raúl García del Pomar & Ismael González. Atipo Foundry’s philosophy allows customers to get one (or more) font weight for free. The complete family can be purchased at affordable prices enabling personal or commercial use under a license. What can this font offer any user? Bariol offers every person this rounded, slightly condensed, friendly and very readable shapes either in letters or numbers.  An artist would definitely know how to play with this font’s style, regardless of its blunt feel in a first glance.


All in all, this list is your guide in finding the perfect  Serif font for your project. All are founded upon one source.  Sans Serif, the classic, elegant, and flexible font that any user has encountered even before. Our time and creators only made some input and alterations, yet it all upheld the real essence of its origin. If you want to learn more about fonts, you can check our other articles regarding them: