Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020

Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on April 14, 2020

Get smart and finish your tasks ahead of others, without losing your creativity and excellence at your masterpiece. As a designer, you do not want to miss the public’s attention by having refined results with your work, through the assistance of some tools which are right at the tip of your hand.

To end this prolongation, we are introducing the Top 10 UI Kits you may want to purchase or subscribe to and carry on your devices, take note that most of these are downloadable however to exhaust its best features you may need to purchase it at some point. Likewise, some of these applications are designed either for phones or personal computers, so you just have to dwell on your preference and need in choosing your UI Kit.

Now, here is the top in our list:


Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

Are you loving a squeaky clean look in your UI preface? It comes with 2 fully functional templates for free, and more so, you may want to explore its feature where one can mix or combine to match with one’s preference the templates, aside from its essential feature of being for eCommerce and beyond.


Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

Well, what is essential with this UI kit is that it gives you that vast array of tools to experiment with different looks on your site through simple tweaks by using various swatches. More importantly,  it is very hand and one can just experiment on his/her own to understand how to dwell on this application’s UI Kit. 

It is also said that the UI kit its multi-use legal page for one’s terms and conditions or privacy policy, to ensure the security of how one’s works are accessed by others.


Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

This UI kit is an ultimate-guide to beginners or even expert designers. The great thing about this UI kit is that all of the created pieces or components of this kit may be multiplied or cloned easily and one may have fun in integrating them, hassle-free!

So check it out to witness its genuinely fun and exciting features!


Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

The catch on this UI Kit is that it helps any creator, either design agencies, freelancers, or independent designers to create designs with less time wasted by building less and elevating your web design beyond the common expectations.

With its elegantly designed and built elements, designing one’s web is a piece of cake. One can create a very convincing and professional-looking website with simple moves like adding images and changing your palettes depending on your preference. With all the tweaking, one may create an exceptional piece that may arise as a trendsetter.

Just to hype you up, this kit has unique navigation and mouse hover effects which add a little bit of fun while working on your design.

My Exam App UI Kit

Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

Hey-ah students! Here is a UI Kit intricately made just for your ease access of exam reminders amidst your whirlwind activities piled up in your desk. This kit contains 60 screens that are fully customizable.

Minimal UI Kit

Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

If you want to try having that minimalistic aura and features/set-up in your phone’s UI, this is right for you, dear!

With a mono-type of font style, and pastel-like swatches, and simple uncomplicated look, this is got to be your soulmate.

Thanks to Anton Chandra who created this UI Kit, which you may download freely.


Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

All hail to elegance and simplicity, which this Timber UI Kit showcases to its users. Such kit contains several strong inner pages that can be customized and used as compelling landing pages for one’s online brand, as you integrate your brand color palette.

This UI kit centers on the growing popularity of a variety of effective CTAs and micro-interactions, which would leave your visitor craving for more coming from your page.


Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

Fortis is the best pick for UI design kit for startups, SaaS companies, or mobile applications.  For being compact with all the massive range of editable UI components and elements—all aimed at easing one’s use of its tools and grid system, with (5) pre-demo designs, and different homepages and option to select various mix and match on one’s on web design.


Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

How about the animated-vibe for your web designs? Well, IndieGo just gives that complete seamless hover animations and clear, that is an excellent partner for digital-natives out there.

With IndieGo’s extravagant landing pages or an extraordinary mix and match elements from its complete pack of UI components to create one’s custom website design. This UI Kit fits just any standard of designing for one’s online project.

If one worries about how to go about such a kit, there is this style guide to assist the user. Once you are engrossed with it, there is no stopping you from getting a clamor of visitors!

Explord Free Adobe UI Kit

Top 10 Best UI Kits of 2020 from UIGarage

This UI Kit was created by Daumantas Banys, which showcases a card-style UI kit design and format which any designer or freelance would want to have in his/her device. With that chic and sleek format, one would not want to miss this from his/her collection to present such excellent and incomparable output.

With all these, you are ready to pack-up and explore the world of UI Kits which will ease your way to success in ensuring the best out of your work and designs, walking hand in hand with the best 21st Century tools as have been presented and offered to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get kicking and start now, or else you’ll lose more time with every minute of waiting in vain.