Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on June 11, 2019

‘Dashboard UI Kit’ seems like an out-of-this-world concept or word, but the Dashboard UI Kit simply centers on everyone’s computer interface’s design options. Now, in this article, we’d like to present this topic piece-by-piece through the definition of terms, its uses, and presentation of the prominent ones for this year. Let’s begin the exploration, folks!

What is UI Kit??

According to Rochester Oliveira, UI Kit is also known as the ‘User Interface Kit’ or in layman’s terms, it is a framework composed of color variations, and can be easily integrated with your design. Specific aspects of these in your computers are patterns, brushes, ask files which any user or you can design when you plan your design, without sacrificing your genuine and creative ideas. Generally, UI is composed of buttons, checkboxes, progress bars, etc. ( Technically, a UI Kit helps any creator design or easily use his/her gadget hassle-free and expand his/her options through the creation of authentic designs.

Dashboard UI Kit

Subsequently connecting it with the term ‘dashboard,’ this then becomes ‘Dashboard UI Kit.’ What is dashboard then? A dashboard, according to the pcmag website, is a software-based panel for one or more applications. May show business graphics like pie charts, bar charts, and graphs; or an executive dashboard shows an overview of the business, summarizing data in one or two screens. In another context, this may be a centralized control panel for launching applications, finding files, and viewing system resources. Applying these terms altogether would give the concept that a dashboard ui kit is a set of or a framework composed of various categories of design options a user may tinker in his/her central control panel for any specific computer/application function. This then leads us to this year’s coolest and marvelous Dashboard UI Kits that any user would love to have in their computers. Second, the trendy Dashboard UI Kits—aside from the rampant upheaving of tech-world industry, many users would not have noticed some of the tiny aspects in their computers which could have provided them ease in access and use of their computer features. Now, we wanted to showcase the best of the best that we want you to have in your computers:
  1. UI Brilliant Dashboard KIT for Photoshop

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage Calling all Photoshop editors or users, or any entrepreneur, designer, or user of his/her field out there! You will love this UI Kit though it costs $5(hey, it’s cheap for its long-time use and trendiness), it has one Photoshop file with five (5) different color styles. Additionally, it is, easy to use, editable plus in English layers, there are a variety of choices to choose from to create a glamorous page, and packed with efficient charts and UI elements like calendar, chat, sales interface, buttons, etc. Hence, you will find this beneficial for its high-quality features, customizable layout, vector shape layers, and free Google fonts for your use.
  1. Datta Dashboard UI Kit

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage Are you looking for a modern dashboard with a lot of components? Then Datta Dashboard UI Kit is your friend. It is a UI Kit that is composed of 130+ components that can be used in designing and creating an amazing dashboard apps. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD and Sketch.
  1. VMware Dashboard Exploration

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage Want to have an advance and unique way of presenting your charts? Grab this VMware Dashboard Exploration in your computers, and be amazed at how its designer, Clay, turned simplicity to its best feature! With excellent data visualization, users can click the pie and line charts to see more about its content.
  1.    Brinhildr

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage Do you enjoy a modern and elegant Web App UI kit? Then choose Brinhildr. It offers 26 exquisitely designed screens that is available in light and dark modes. It can easily customized since the elements used in this UI Kit are vectors, so you can edit your work without quality loss.
  1. Productivo Dashboard UI Kit

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage Provided by Brightscout, this UI kit contains 13+ categories for screen 40+ page templates that you can use on your upcoming projects! This kit is carefully developed so that all screen templates have a consistent beginning. It is fully customizable too! So if you are looking for an elegant and comprehensive designed dashboard kit, you can choose Productivo!
  1. 55+ Elements Free UI Kit

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage Minimalistic, are you? Then why don’t you check out this UI kit designed with pure white and dark theme and block fonts for its titles? The best part about this is that it’s for free!
  1. Mini UI

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage Are you using Sketch 3? Karina Bea, Mini UI’s creator, was inspired on designing a dashboard which shall highlight media content of the page, like videos or images. The dark background of the panel allows the users to focus on an element that matter. She also added little illustrations and placeholder images to accessorize her design. If you want to try Katrina’s design, check it out!
  1. Aurelia – Web Dashboard UI Kit

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage   Admire the sleek and minimalist feel with Aurelia – Web Dashboard UI Kit! Made by Royalz Elements, This kit is carefully and well-crafted UI Kit for the web. The screens are customizable and very easy to use. This pack contains 32 Screens, 150+ Elements, 25+ Icons. It is compatible with Sketch, XD and Adobe Photoshop.
  1. Summer UI Kit for Sketch

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage Designed by Sergey Azovskiy, get awesome in this dashboard full of almost all the palette showing off bright colors of the Summer! This is another version of your Sketch. Don’t miss the chance of enjoying this dashboard.
  1. SaaS Dashboard UI Kit

Top 10 Dashboard UI Kits for 2019 from UIGarage   SaaS Dashboard UI Kit is a UI kit crafted for Figma. It was developed to help you to boost in your workflow. The components are easy to modify. It contains 80+ screens, 27 screens each for mobile, desktop and tablet.   Ultimately, get your tasks/job done with up-to-date designs and platform set-up anyone would love!


Hence, among all of these computer UI kits, we are hopeful that you would find the best match for your need. Though there are a lot more other UI kits out there that you may explore and install in your computers, you’d love checking out these UI kits that we have listed for you. After all, these are mostly for free. Get your Dashboard UI Kit now!