Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on January 28, 2020

In our previous article, we’ve talked about the top 5 UX agencies here in Sydney, Australia. If you are looking for an agency to work with, and you don’t know which one, then that article is certainly for you!

However, agencies can be very pricey – and not all of us can simply afford them. If an agency is not in (or can’t be part of) your option, perhaps hiring a UX freelancer is more suitable for you.

Just like with agencies, you may not be sure how to find them, where to find them (websites like Upwork is a great place to start, but there’s more outside them) and, most importantly, whom to hire.

If you have no idea on who should you hire, keep reading because we will give you our picks for the top 10 UX freelancers in Sydney. These guys aren’t just freelancers. These guys don’t just know UX. These guys have the skills, passion and above all, they are very willing to help their clients in meeting their needs!

Without further ado, let us get to know each of them!

1) Philippe Hong

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

The first on our list is, of course, the founder of UI Garage himself – Philippe Hong.

If you’re just new here, Philippe is not just a UX blogger. He isn’t a UX hobbyist by any means. He himself is a UX freelancer and have the awards and credits to prove it:

  • 2 #WOTD at CSSDesignAwards in 2015 & 2012
  • 2 CSSAwards Featured in 2015 & 2012
  • 2 Honorables Mentions at Awwwards
  • #WOTD at CSSWinner
  • Bemyapp Games WorldCup

He also worked with the biggest brands like L’Oreal, Intel and Michelin.

If you want to get to know Philippe more, you can simply reach him here.

2) Michael Wong (Mizko)

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

Michael Wong, or better known as Mizko, is the founder of Raw.Studio – a product design studio that helped some of the world’s leading companies like HeyYou, Autotrader and Spaceship!

Michael Wong, along with his product design studio, had helped 45+ startups to raise a total amount of $250M+ in investments through their product and design efforts.

Michael Wong’s main strength lies in his deep understanding of design, business and growth – hence helping companies in their design as well.

If you are interested in working with Mizko, you can reach him here.

3) Sam Perryman

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

Sam Perryman is a UX consultant for Hypothesis. However, he also works part-time as a UX freelancer.

His philosophy is pretty simple: building designs that solves problems, easy-to-use and that looks nice. Very simple!

He had worked on/is working on projects such as Housemate, Flight Plan and Datespot – links are for case studies to see what he can do.

If you want to know more about him, visit his website or follow him on LinkedIn.

4) Barry Murray

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

Barry Murray is an experienced UX freelancer with over 20 years of experience. Over these years, he made a wide variety of clientele, coming from Northern Ireland, New York and from all around the world.

Aside from User Experience, he also works on the following:

  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Prototyping
  • Creative Video Content
  • User Interface
  • Social Campaigns
  • Creative Consultation

If you need his services, you can reach him out here.

5) Justin Roberts

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

Justin Roberts has worked as a UX Designer, and in digital and software spaces in general, for more than 15 years. During his career, he had extensive experience working with businesses, startups, agencies, enterprises, and governments – these all across different continents, from Asia, Europe, and the US.

His work experience gave him lessons and skills which he can use to help you with your current design needs or problems.

To reach him, you can contact him here.

6) Shazia

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

Shazia is a Sydney-based UX freelancer with a great background in business and design. Over the course of her career, she had helped multiple businesses and startups. She specializes in responsive web design & web development, UI design, UX design, interactive design and business development.

If you want to work with her, you can contact her here.

7) Jaffar Kazi (The UX Geek)

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

Jaffar Kazi is a UX designer who had worked with different clients across the globe – US, UK, UAE, and Australia. Throughout his career, he gained a lot of experience as a developer and consultant.

His main expertise is User Research, UX Strategy, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing, and User-Centered Design.

You can get in touch with him here.

8) Dave Rayner

Dave Rayner is a UX and web design freelancer who has over 19 years of experience in the field. Here are some of his skills:

  • Trained graphic designer
  • 19+ yrs commercial experience
  • User-centered approach
  • Advanced Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Advanced HTML & CSS
  • W3C & WAI compliant
  • Responsive / Mobile friendly
  • WordPress customization
  • ExpressionEngine customization
  • Craft CMS customization

You can get in touch with him here.

9) Arran King

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

Arran King is a passionate UX designer – and someone who simply loves to solve problems! He also likes to help his clients and make sure they get what they need.

He works on UX/UI Design, Digital Design, and SEO.

You can reach Arran through his website.

10) Peter Finlan

Top 10 UX Freelancers in Sydney from UIGarage

Peter Finlan is an Interaction Designer & Front End Developer from Sydney. He mainly works on UX strategy, User Testing, Prototyping and Visual Design.

You can reach him here.


These are the top 10 UX freelancers in Sydney, Australia. We hope we’ve helped you in deciding whom to work with. We wish you the best in your project!

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