Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers

Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on August 17, 2020

Icons are very important when you are designing a website or an app. Whether you are communicating key buttons to your users or simply adding value to your design, there’s always a great place for icons on your design.

However, creating icons is not easy. It can take a lot of time – sometimes, even money – if you will develop them from scratch. But, why develop create your own icon if you can just use icons from icon packs around the web?

In this article, we are going to share some of the top icon packs which you can get your icons from. These icon packs are compatible with their respective different formats. As for the price, some icon packs are free, but have a price tag, but mostly offer free and premium versions.

Without further ado, let’s explore these top 7 icon packs which you can use for your designs!

1) Fontisto

Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers from UIGarage

Fontisto offers vector icons. You can instantly customize its icons such as the icon’s color and size. As a vector, Fontisto’s icons will look great even on high-res monitors.

You can find guides on how to use the icon and customize it on Fontisto’s website, so everything you need to know to get started is already there.

Type/Format: CSS

Price: Free

License: MIT

2) Glyphish

Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers from UIGarage

Glyphish is a premium icon pack (but it offers free 50 icons) that have some amazing features.

Glyphish is very compatible for Android, iOS, Windows and Web. Glyphish’s icons are specifically sized for Apple Retina display, and you can easily drag-and-drop it into Xcode.

Type/Format: PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG, Icon Font

Price: Starting from $25 (Glyphish offers a set of 50 icons for free)

License: Creative Common Attribution

3) Streamline Icons

Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers from UIGarage

Streamline icons offers around 30,000 vector icons which are conveniently organized based in 53 categories.

For Sketch users, Streamline Icons is also optimized for Sketch, so customizing its colors, widths, etc. is easier. You can also use built-in Sketch features for Streamline Icons.

Type/Format: Sketch, SVG, PDF, AI, PNG, XD, FIG

Price: Free up to $411

License: Check website for details

4) Icomoon

Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers from UIGarage

Icomoon is both an icon pack and icon management tool. It offers high-quality solutions for using and editing its icons. It also has an icon management tool which you can use to edit or manage your icons. Icomoon offers a wide variety of download formats to suit your needs.

Perhaps, the most interesting of all, if you want to make your own custom icon font, here’s your chance: you can make your own icon font using Icomoon!

Type/Format: PDF, PNG and SVG

Price: Free to around $139/month

License: Check Icomoon’s website to know how to use their icons license-wise

5) Icons8

Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers from UIGarage

Icons8 offers as many as 120,000 icons, so you’ll mostly find what you are looking for here! From people, recreation and food to business, office and institutions, you can find icons on Icons8 that will match your category.

Icons of Icons8 are available in different styles such as filled icon, line icon, full color, etc. Icons from Icons8 can also be edited before you download it. Lastly, the icons can work with Photoshop, Sketch and Xcode.

Type/Format: PDF, PNG and SVG

Price: Free and premium (starting at $19/month)

License: Good Boy License

6) The Noun Project

Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers from UIGarage

The Noun Project is one of the largest icon library in the Internet to date – it offers more than 1 million icons to choose from! Most of these icons come in black and white styles, and they can be downloaded in PNG or SVG format.

The icons available at The Noun Project were mainly made by independent designers selling their icons on The Noun Project. If you are interested in icon creation and making an income from it, you may want to check out The Noun Project as well.

Many of the icons from The Noun Project are free with limited license, but you can just purchase the icon for just a few dollars for a premium license. You can also opt to subscribe starting at $39.99 for premium access to the website.

Type/Format: PNG and SVG

Price: Available for free and premium (starting at $39.99 for premium account; icons can also be purchased individually at around $2.99)

License: Creative Commons License and Royalty-Free License (premium)

7) LineIcons

Top 7 Icon Packs for Designers from UIGarage

LineIcons is a completely free icon pack that comes with around 450+ line icons. It has different categories for you to choose from.

LineIcons also offer free CDN with full documentation so you can easily get started with it.

Type/Format: SVG, Icon Font and Web Font

Price: Free

License: Free (check website to ensure you properly use their icons)


When it comes to using icons, there’s plenty of icon packs available in the Internet. Here, we’ve picked up our top 7 icon packs that designers like you can use for your own projects.

Whether you’re looking for free icons, premium icons, different licenses, and formats you intend to use for your projects, we’re sure you can find the right icon pack for you!