Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on December 16, 2020

Wireframing is very essential in UI and UX design. Wireframing is the process of mapping out the “skeletal” structure design before proceeding on to actually working on it – basically, it’s just like what we do when we write and map out our ideas on a notebook or paper as we work on something.

In a nutshell, wireframing is basically how we present our design idea through drawings and visuals. But of course, you won’t write down your ideas on a paper or whiteboard; that’s simply impractical. This is where wireframe kits come in.

Wireframe kits are tools used by UI and UX designers to help them better construct and present their idea to their audiences. Generally, the easier and more seamless a wireframe kit is, the better!

Now, if you are looking for a wireframe kit, here some of the wireframe kits that you should check out this coming 2021!

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021

1) Paper Sketch Wireframe Template

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage

Paper Sketch Wireframe Template is a very simple wireframe kit for Sketch users – and at the same time, a great wireframe kit to creative impressive wireframe presentations!

When it comes to creating your wireframe, it’s very simple: just add your components and elements, and edit the text fields as you need.

It also contains 10 pre-made categories and a grid layout if you are looking for this features, too.

2) Blocks Sketch Wireframe Template

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage

Blocks Wireframe is another simple and minimalistic wireframe kit that you can use if you use Sketch for your design.

You can move, rearrange, drag and even resize its blocks and other components as you build your wireframe.

Best of all, Blocks Wireframe can wireframe ideas for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

3) Wirey Sketch Wireframe Template

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage

The main benefit of Wirey Wireframe Template is in its speed – it is made mainly to speed up the workflow of the UI design process.

However, aside from offering a smooth and speedy wireframing process, Wirey features around 200 components, 13 categories and more than 1,000 different graphic elements!

This makes Wirey not only a seamless kit for wireframing, but a very interactive and dynamic one as well!

4) iPhone Wireframe Template Kit

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage

As the name suggests, the iPhone Wireframe Template Kit is used when creating wireframes for iPhone apps.

Here are some of the features of iPhone Wireframe Kit:

  • Compatible for Figma and Sketch
  • Elements are categorized for quick navigation
  • 8-point grid
  • Elements are responsive and easily resizable
  • More than 90 wireframe screens

Currently, iPhone Wireframe Kit works well with iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro.

5) Bones Sketch Wireframe Template

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage

Bones Wireframe Kit offers a grid-based design and it is divided into 10 main categories. It offers 100+ elements which you can readily use for your wireframe.

Bones Wireframe Kit also offers a drag and drop functionality, making it very convenient for designers when creating their wireframes. It also has vector shapes should you need it for your wireframes.

6) 6 Ecommerce Wireframes

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage

E-commerce sites tend to be more complicated compared to regular websites. After all, you need to learn where to place the homepage, product page, categories, testimonial section, “Add to Cart” buttons, and so on.

To add to the complexity, in every page, you need to design how each elements would be place. For instance, you’ll need to decide where to place your product image, buy button, product description section, etc.

In short, working on an e-commerce website takes a lot of time and energy – and the last thing you want to have is a wireframe kit that is as complicated as the e-commerce website that you’re building!

6 Ecommerce Wireframes offers a seamless way of wireframing an e-commerce website. It offers basic elements and features that a typical e-commerce website would contains.

Designing an e-commerce website can be complicated, but wireframing it does not need to be that complicated. And oh, be sure to add your “Add to Cart” button!

7) Prisma Sketch Wireframe Template

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage

Prisma Wirefame Kit offers more than 70 mobile screens and components. They can also be customized in terms of color, text, layouts and vector graphics.

Prisma Wireframe Kit works well with Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD.

8) Wireframy

Top 8 Wireframe Kits for 2021 from UIGarage

Wireframing is basically all about designing from scratch, but why design from scratch if you can speed up your design process by using tons of pre-made elements?

Wireframy helps designers speed up their wireframing and design process by offering them with tons of pre-made components – you can find more than 2,300 wireframe components, 1,500 customized icons and around 170 website layouts, all ready at your disposal!

If that is not enough, Wireframy offers the classic drag-and-drop feature to make wireframing more seamless and convenient.

Wireframy has a lot of other cool features such as Variants Integration, Dark-Mode, Typography Guide and Auto-layouts.

Wireframy is 100% Figma, so if you prefer Figma, then Wireframy will work best for you!