Website Design & Instagram Integration: Explore the Bonuses

Website Design & Instagram Integration: Explore the Bonuses from UIGarage
Andrew Thompson

Updated on June 25, 2020

If you want your brand to be phenomenally successful online, you must opt for a well-designed, flexible, and fully-functional site. Irrespective of the type of website you flaunt, a super-effective way of promoting it would be to leverage the power and versatility of the multiple social networking sites for boosting user engagement and attracting more and more visitors. Instagram and other popular social media channels could prove to be helpful in boosting overall online brand awareness and establishing a loyal and strong customer and fan base. We know that Instagram boasts of a superb engagement rate hence, several websites have seamlessly integrated Instagram into their authentic web design. 

While browsing through, we find that Instagram is regarded as the top social media channel where users are used to sharing and discovering new products, places, and experiences. We understand that 80 percent of all Instagram users connect voluntarily with a specific brand present on Instagram. Moreover, stats reveal that users are engaging with brands on the versatile Instagram platform 54 times more as compared to Pinterest, 84 times more as compared to Twitter and even 10 times more as compared to Facebook.

Instagram is an incredibly popular social networking platform. It is an amazing resource for website content. You could use stunning pictures from your Instagram account or any other public account. Even though it is not a painstaking affair to integrate Instagram into your integral website design, it does offer an impressive bouquet of benefits for boosting website engagement. Let us explore some of the bonuses of assimilating your Instagram seamlessly into your website design.

The Bonuses of Amalgamating Instagram & Web Design

Website Design & Instagram Integration: Explore the Bonuses from UIGarage

Easy Access to a Resourceful Platform

Instagram proves to be highly beneficial if you are thinking of building your business and obtaining more clients. We know that Instagram comes up with several advantages that could be seamlessly incorporated into your unique web design. Instagram is a powerful platform that helps in updating visitors on the latest developments in your field of work. Thus you win devoted followers and steady readers in return.

Great for Building Credibility

Once people start appreciating and acknowledging you as a dependable and trustworthy source, there would be repeat visitors who would be coming back again and again for more. Once your audience knows you and have developed trust for you, they would be promoting and recommending your brand, purchasing your products, and inspiring you to come up with more such innovative and unique products. Generating top-grade content consistently would help in boosting overall organic traffic. Moreover, you could witness a sharp rise in the total number of followers on Instagram who depend on you for authentic information. You may buy 10 Instagram followers by seeking assistance from a reliable digital marketing company.

Assures 24×7 Availability

Instagram accounts and business websites could be compared to present-day digital offices that remain open 24×7. This implies that you could carry on making a business transaction even when you are out of town or in an entirely different time zone. We know that social networking is truly a global feature with people across the globe accessing the Internet at diverse times during the day. Hence, people have access to your website 24×7.

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Social media channels are useful in lending an added punch to your website’s overall online brand awareness. Instagram is known for an impressive engagement rate. Research has revealed that over 90 percent of the Instagrammers are below 35 years of age hence, it is regarded as the hub of younger and fitter minds. So it is given top preference and businesses are too happy to seamlessly incorporate Instagram into their official website. You must focus on maximizing your interaction on Instagram in case your business is targeting a younger audience.

Phenomenal Rise in Total Instagram Followers

It is truly beneficial to work out a seamless integration of Instagram and your web design.  If your Instagram button or badge is incorporated into your webpage, visitors to your website would become more conscious and inquisitive to learn more about you via your Instagram profile. More website visitors would start following you on Instagram. You know that users follow a company or a brand with the hope of getting the latest updates. When you combine Instagram and your website design, you are presenting an exceptional platform for visiting and following your unique Instagram account. As a result of this, there would be a boost in the number of Instagram fans and followers.


Now you are aware of the incredibly amazing benefits of combining Instagram with your unique web design. Even though we could discuss just a few of them you must remember that you simply cannot undermine their importance. Go ahead and infuse Instagram account to an existing website for demonstrating and highlighting your creativity. You could rest assured to achieve higher reach and boost engagement for your specific Instagram account. Moreover, there is bound to be a reasonable increase in the overall number of your followers on Instagram. Your Instagram feeds could prove to be immensely helpful in enhancing your KPIs and keeping users engaged longer with your unique content.