Why UI and UX Are Essential For Every Website To Increase Your Website Traffic

Why UI and UX Are Essential For Every Website To Increase Your Website Traffic from UIGarage
Claudia Jeffrey

Updated on April 29, 2020

Running a website can be a pretty hectic job. No matter if you run a small business or a huge company with a ton of employees. The main goal of every business person is to get the traffic on their website. This is only possible if you provide the visitors with a good (UI/UX) customer experience and user-friendly interface. You need to have a website that pleasing and appealing to look at.

You should be aware of your audience. Know what they want to see, and the theme of your website should reflect the perspective of the people whom you are writing for. The customer’s experience matters a lot. Around 88% of online shoppers don’t visit the website twice because of the bad user experience in the first go. 

UI and UX For Websites 

UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are the two essential features of any website. They are like the heart and soul to any business. Now, if you are not aware of these two terms, let me give you a brief detail about them. 

What is the User Interface? It is commonly described as the design layout of any website. The visual look of your product and tools that you design for your users to make your website simple and fun to use, while classy to look at. And this is because a book is always judged by its cover, believe it or not. So, if the website will not look good, there is a very less chance that people would pay attention to it.

Now, let us discuss a little about the UX, which is the user experience. An amazing and intuitive digital product and website is the major key to excellent user experience. We always want our visitors to have the best UX that they don’t hesitate to revisit the website. If we see from the marketing perspective, the most important point in every firm is the customer’s experience. Customer support is a big thing out there. The feedback and reviews are a necessity for every business.

10 Reasons why UI and UX is important for website 

You are clearly aware of UX and UI now, isn’t it? So, we are ready to move ahead to the main part of this entire article, that is why user experience and user interface are so important for the website’s traffic. Here are the top 10 benefits of UI and UX;

1. Increase traffic with optimized UX

Why UI and UX Are Essential For Every Website To Increase Your Website Traffic from UIGarage

Are you really willing to increase the traffic on your website? Do you want more people to engage in your website? That is not a very difficult thing to do, trust me. Applying the ultimate user interface and user experience will do it all. Make sure to make your design the look and feel of your website chic and admirable. By the improved user experience, along with the pleasing interface, it is known that 67% of websites are growing very rapidly.

2. Keep hold over your target audience 

To offer your users the equivalent feel in their smartphone as in the Laptop or the PC, make yourself turn to pick an active web designer. A web designer is really important because web applications with the optimal website user interface are crucial to increase sales and gain more clients. The smartphone devices are dictating the way people used to surf on the internet. If you wish to maintain your company’s website, you need to renew your internet availability by introducing a web app development plan.

3. Improve SEO with better UX and UI

Why UI and UX Are Essential For Every Website To Increase Your Website Traffic from UIGarage

When you search for something on Google, you get some sites on the top. Those are the websites that are best rated according to the user interface, user experience, customer support, and the most important of all, the SEO. This is the backbone of every website. An SEO takes care of the content on the website, associating it with the website’s traffic. Good SEO results in a better and improved UX, and the UI automatically gets better as the SEO takes good care of the content and keeps a check on the website.

4. Boost your business lead

Generating revenue is the primary goal of every organization. Most of the time, people neglect the importance of user experience. However, this should surely be a fundamental concern of any company. No doubt that your company’s website should involve content that is beneficial and exciting for visitors, and gives them the responses to what they came for. Still, at the same time, the generation of leads strategy should include enrichment of the user experience on the website.

5. Enhance customer engagement

An attractive design and good people to interact is everything for a person who is visiting your website. You can give your users a good layout by some content that really engages the public and easy navigation. The major benefit of UX (user experience) is that you get the loyal customers. They will visit you again and again because of the good experience. This will also help you to understand your audience better. This will automatically increase the traffic on your site by a huge difference.

6. Stand apart from competitors

Offer your customers something that your competitors can’t. By hiring web UX designers for your website helps you to stand apart from your competitors in the same field. Do something unique. Offer your customers something that the other site, specifically your competitors, cannot offer. For example, if you visit an e-commerce website, a problem has often risen that almost all users face. The issue is that you need to zoom-in or double click while they are viewing any product while accessing the website, which completely kills the interest level, and eventually, they close the site. Most of the time, half of the customers don’t ever visit again. So, what you can do is introduce the feature. The user needs to point at the picture to see the details on the image.

7. Increase site usability

When the user explores different pages of the websites quickly, by all means, they get to know more things, which they will share with their family and friends. Hence the traffic on website increases undoubtedly. You can have a website that provides essay writing service or aware people of the latest fashion, the UX and UI should be on the grip.

8. Gaining Reliability

Why UI and UX Are Essential For Every Website To Increase Your Website Traffic from UIGarage

Nobody needs viruses in their system, or nobody wants their data leaked, right? The people always stop to question if they should trust the site they are about to visit or not. Either the person is coming from the social media or search engine etc. The trustworthiness directly reflects on your leads, sales, and traffic. If the public gains the best customer experience from your website, they are surely coming back with happy faces and trust to proceed with the rules and terms of your company. One of the critical factors, if you want to stay in the company, is gaining credibility and trust of your users.

9. Attract regional audiences

We all know that the audience reaches to any website from all over the globe. There is a lot more to take care of when to decide to make and design a website for your company, which supports multiple languages like URL structure, page layout, sorting out webserver names, and other stuff like that. If you are a website from where people buy assignment and other academic work, you need to take care of the language in UI. Developing UX, which works with different languages can reduce bounce rates and will help people to stay more. Don’t let the users from distinct regions around the earth neglect the site without proving the advantage of your website to them.

10. Get “Wow” by appealing graphics

Why UI and UX Are Essential For Every Website To Increase Your Website Traffic from UIGarage

The visual areas on the website catch the eye of the visitors first and not the basic substance anyway extraordinary or helpful it may be. UI/UX designer can truly bring a website customer experience to the next level of admiration. Make your website UI dazzling by contracting web designers.


Website’s user experience and the user interface is something that needs to be created and worked upon. In the wake of thinking about every factor of your business, UI and UX are the primary aims. Accepting that something functioned admirably for another organization would work fine with your website also is a catch.

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Why UI and UX Are Essential For Every Website To Increase Your Website Traffic from UIGarage
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