Why UX/UI Designers Should Learn Coding

<strong>Why UX/UI Designers Should Learn Coding</strong> from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on April 8, 2022

<strong>Why UX/UI Designers Should Learn Coding</strong> from UIGarage

Some designers wonder if they need to learn to code and add it to their skillset. This question arises, even more, when they see a job or project ad requiring those who’ll take the position in UX/UI design to have at least a basic knowledge of coding. So, do UX/UI designers really need to learn how to code to qualify for the job?

The short answer is: no, UX/UI design does not require coding to be successful in the field. UX/UI design as a field can stand by itself. You can actually create great UX and UI design even though you don’t know how to code.

But even though coding is not required in UX/UI design, it will be advantageous if you do so. That being said, here are some reasons why you should learn how to code:

  • You’ll have a wider range of tools at your arsenal
  • You’ll have more possibilities for your design
  • Learning how to code increase your employability
  • Learning something new is simply fun!

<strong>Why UX/UI Designers Should Learn Coding</strong> from UIGarage

1) You’ll Have a Wider Range of Tools At Your Arsenal

Learning how to code increases the range of tools that you can utilize for your work. For instance, you can now use the power of HTML or CSS to your advantage. Also, some UX/UI design tools can be better used if you have at least a basic knowledge of coding. For instance, some design tools require some knowledge of JavaScript or CSS for you to be able to fully maximize your potential.

Simply put, learning how to code opens you to a wider range of tools. In turn, you can use the new tools to better enhance your project.

2) You’ll Have More Possibilities For Your Design

When you don’t know how to code, you’re only limited to the basic skills that UX/UI design requires. There are things that you want to do but you simply can’t do because you can’t implement it without a coding skill. There are even times that you don’t know what’s possible because you don’t know how to play with codes yet.

Learning how to code opens you to such possibilities. Aside from adding new tools to your arsenal, learning how to code opens you to new possibilities that are otherwise not available for you.

Conversely, learning how to code also gives you a realistic view of the project. Did you experience something like this: you have a very wonderful design, but when it comes to implementation, you realize that it’s not possible? Sometimes, this happens because we don’t know coding; we don’t know what’s possible and impossible. When you know how to code, you’ll have a more realistic outlook on your project.

3) Learning How to Code Increases Your Employability

Before we dive in, let us be clear on one thing here: you don’t need to learn coding to be a UX/UI designer. This means that, as long as you learn the basics of UX/UI design, you are good to go. So don’t think that because you don’t know how to code, you are somehow under qualified for the job.

When we talk about employability here, we are talking about two things: it allows you to take UX/UI jobs that require (or prefers) coding and you can take a totally different job altogether.

Having some knowledge in coding makes you more confident and capable in tackling projects that require (or, at least, prefer) those with some background in coding. While it’s true that being a UX/UI designer does not need coding to qualify for the field, some employers or clients may look for designers with coding background. If you have a coding background, you’re obviously one step ahead in the job application process.

On the other hand, learning how to code allows you to take on totally new jobs. You’re basically equipped for two types of jobs. If you are having difficulty finding a job as a UX/UI designer, you may opt to find a job in coding.

Of course, if you want to take coding as another career path, then you need to learn more than basic coding. But that will totally depend on you, of course. But if you want to just add something to your skills as a UX/UI designer, then basic coding is good to go.

4) Learning Something New is Simply Fun!

Finally, learning something new such as coding is simply fun. Learning how to code is not just for your professional growth, it’s also for your personal growth. Aside from acquiring a new skill, you can also turn your coding skills into a hobby or passion. Simply put, there’s simply joy whenever we grow in life – both professionally and personally!

<strong>Why UX/UI Designers Should Learn Coding</strong> from UIGarage

Final Thoughts

While coding is not required in UX/UI designer, it will benefit any UX/UI designer who adds coding to their skillset. Among other things, learning how to code widens the range of the tools that you can use, it opens you to new possibilities, it increases your employability, and finally, learning how to code (or something new for that matter) is simply fun.

So, should you learn how to code? That will totally depend on you. But if you want to, then that’ll certainly be great!