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Adobe Color


Catch colour combinations whenever inspiration hits with Adobe Color CC as well as your iPhone, Android or iPad device. Your colour styles are automatically kept to Creative Cloud Libraries to gain access to in desktop and mobile applications or even to tell your team.

Colour is doing his thing.

Colour generates styles you may use in Adobe desktop applications like Photoshop and Illustrator and in Adobe mobile applications like Illustrator Pull and Photoshop Sketch.

Create colour themes

All you have to is your iPhone, iPad, Android device or any existing image to fully capture and create colour themes.

Creative Cloud Libraries

Colour Palette are automatically saved to your Creative Cloud Libraries, so they’re available in Adobe apps. You can share your libraries with your team directly from the application also. Interactive colour wheel. Editor refines colour themes and tests out different combinations with this fun and intuitive app.

Talk about, tag, comment

Share your colour themes – and the images that inspired them. Make sure to tag them with descriptive words, so they’re no problem finding. Or get inspired by styles distributed by others.

Preset colour modes

Create colour styles with presets predicated on colour theory. Ideal for getting quick or started motivation.

Sync to Adobe Color service

Themes are automatically synced to the Colour service so they can be utilised by you in other Adobe desktop apps, including Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and in Adobe mobile applications like Illustrator Draw and more.