CloudApp from UIGarage



CloudApp is a secure website link and data file sharing for Mac. Drag a file/image from your anywhere to the CloudApp icon in the menubar, and it takes care of the rest. A web URL to the document will automatically be added to your clipboard that you can send it to a friend over Twitter, IM, email, or smoke signs. While other applications make posting a task, CloudApp stays out of your way adapting to your unique needs. But hold out, there’s more! Upload a screenshot, a picture from iPhoto. Shorten a URL from Chrome or Safari.

“So simple that you put it to use without realising it’s there.” – Tim Van Damme (Gowalla) “CloudApp is incredibly useful, beautiful, and so very simple. Exactly what you want in a utility.” – Tag Jardine (Tapbots) “CloudApp is data file sharing just how it should be: simple and powerful with a helpful keyboard shortcut integration that my hands tend to stay glued to all bundled into an elegant UI.” – Brian Hoff (The Design Cubicle)

All the features:

  • Easy to use, easy to understand.
  • Share data and links (Drops).
  • Upload by drag-n-drop or using global keyboard shortcuts.
  • Show Drops using open public or private links.
  • View your previous 5 Drops right from the menubar.
  • Re-copy the hyperlink to a Drop from the menubar (cmd).
  • Toggle the privacy level for a Drop from the menubar (opt).
  • Delete Drops from the menubar (opt + cmd).
  • Personalise upload notifications.
  • Extend CloudApp to work with your favourite applications using Raindrops.