Flinto makes it fast and simple to create prototypes that look just like the real thing. And Flinto doesn’t interrupt your current workflow because it uses the screens you’ve already designed.

  • Animated Transitions
    Design transitions between screens using Flinto’s Transition Developer.
  • Micro-Interactions
    Design micro-interactions using Flinto’s Behavior Creator.
  • Scrolling
    Add customizable scrolling to any group in your application design.
  • 10+ Gestures
    Navigate your prototype using taps, swipes, scrolls 3D touch even.
  • Drawing Tools
    Design UI right inside Flinto with this advanced vector pulling tools.
  • Easy to understand
    Extensive documentation, productive community, and 100+ tutorial videos.
  • Viewer App
    Preview your projects on-device in real-time in Flinto’s iOS app.
  • Springs and Easing
    Fine-tuned control over cubic-bezier or planting season easing for every single layer.
  • Scroll Animations
    Create impressive scroll-based animations like collapsing headers.
  • Sound Effects
    Any gesture can come with an audio tracks file attached for UI sound files.
  • Video Layers
    Pull video recording or GIF files directly into your designs.
  • 3D Rotation
    Create stunning animations with Flinto’s simple 3D rotation tools.
  • Video and GIF Export
    Export recordings of your prototype to share or post online.
  • Dribbble Integration
    Send your recordings to Dribbble with fun layout options directly.
  • Free-Form Canvas
    Organise displays you prefer. Large prototypes are easy to manage.