from UIGarage

Description gives life to your website. Why? Because gives you the power to add interactivity to your website without coding. Naker has created a 3D web design tool to allow anyone to make room for their creativity to create interactive and immersive digital experiences like never before and share it anywhere on the internet for computers, mobiles and even VR!

The tool is made for everyone: artists, designers, agencies and brands, won’t require any technological knowledge and you can publish your 3D experience on the web… in one click, for mobile, tablets, desktops.

Naker have logically set up a drag and drop system to place, orient, size, etc. all the assets that you will manipulate from the editor. In addition,  your action history is automatically saved so that you can undo your last manipulation and it has a zoom feature which allows you to see every detail.

Naker also added 3D shapes like cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc. and even particle effects. Even better, it is possible to integrate any 3D model that follows the classic gltf or obj standards. In addition, all the elements created on the Naker editor can be animated according to different geometric and visual parameters. Thus this makes infinite possibilities in terms of animation you will be able to bring to life the elements of your experience to make your visitors even more amazed. from UIGarage