Optimal Workshop from UIGarage

Optimal Workshop


Optimal Workshop is a user research platform that helps you and your team make decisions with confidence. It offers a suite of UX tools that help improve your website navigation, defines information architecture, understands first-clicks, runs surveys and captures qualitative research.

With Optimal Workshop, you can quickly set up and iterate studies as you learn, recruit and target in 70+ languages, remotely or in person, explore your comprehensive results with beautiful visualizations and use convincing insights to delight your team and users alike.

You will also be able to know why and where people get lost in your content with tree testing. You can discover how other people organize your content with card sorting and gather opinions, facts, and feedback using Optimal Workshop’s quick online surveys.

And finally, with Optimal Workshop, you can combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to get a clearer picture. see responses as they come in and start identifying patterns in your data as soon as you launch your study, easily understand your data and combine, filter and export your results as you need, share your results with stakeholders and decision-makers, and demonstrate ROI by comparing benchmarked results with your tested iterations and you can easily iterate and compare ideas as many times as you like to find a solution that best meets user needs and business goals.

Optimal Workshop from UIGarage