Typeform from UIGarage



Typeform is an elegant and feature-rich survey tool. It helps users to attract more responses and a higher response rate, unlike other survey tools. Typeform works on every device such as android phones, iOS, Windows and macOS.

You can easily make survey forms using Typeform since it anticipates question types as you jot them down. It has also a live feature where you can preview the form that you have just created. It is very versatile too. With Typeform you can now easily make a contact form with a voice and tone that matches your personality, quizzes to keep learners engaged, Online Shop and Employee Feedback by giving employees a voice with an engaging feedback survey.

With Typeform you can create personalized question paths with unlimited Logic Jumps, greet people by name or segment them by channel with Hidden Fields, follow up in a personal way in HubSpot or Mailchimp and optimize your marketing campaigns with Google Tag Manager or Facebook pixel.

Typeform from UIGarage