38 Top design inspiration for 404

Handpicked ans specific inspiration and patterns for 404. Here you can find the best inspiration for designer, developer & marketer. If you have some inspiration to share, be sure to suggest an inspiration.

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404 Page by Pedro Monteiro
Cosmo Web Error
404 Page
404 page on realestate.com

A beautiful 404 page for web.
Whoops! This page could not be found.
A comical 404 page for web.

Illustration of a 404 page placeholder.
A very clear and simple 404 screen for iOS.
Clear and simple 404 page for web.


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Bold and colourful 404 page for web.
Simple 404 page for web.
Simple, illustrated 404 screen on Android.
Beautifully, illustrated 404 screen on iOS iPhone.
404 page by @an_nastiia #ui #inspiration #interface #web
404 page by @anton_chandra #ui #inspiration #interface #ios #design
CoolApp’s pretty humorous 404 page.
Hootsuite’s 404 page.
404 pages can be an unpleasant experience. You can always take a fun and creative approach to it!
You can potentially give your 404 page some character and personality. It does feel more human.