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Handpicked ans specific inspiration and patterns for design. Here you can find the best inspiration for designer, developer & marketer. If you have some inspiration to share, be sure to suggest an inspiration.

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Hootsuite’s 404 page.
404 pages can be an unpleasant experience. You can always take a fun and creative approach to it!
You can potentially give your 404 page some character and personality. It does feel more human.
Illustrative 404 pages? Why not?
MMM has gone with an unconventional 404 page. With a great use of themed objects.
Mixcloud has created a simple 404 page which fits within their branding but also makes the most of the negative space.
Magnt has taken a humorous approach to their 404 page. Turn an unpleasant experience into something comical.
A very well themed 404 page by Huwshimi.
Got the engineering resources? Why not build a game on your 404 page? It could potentially lead to a viral campaign.
A creative 404 page by Lego
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