How to write a guest post

Philippe Hong

Updated on October 21, 2019

If you are passionate about UI, design and anything related to them, and you have something to share about the field, then we welcome you to write for UI Garage! Read below on how you can write for us.

Why We Write

We pride in writing high-quality content about UI and design. Our mission is to inform readers – whether a beginner in UI, a professional, or someone who just passes by and wants to learn about this cool, weird thing called “UI” (and what’s the difference between it and “UX”) – about this vast and interesting field.

How to Write for UI Garage

If you’re interested to write for UI Garage, here’s what you need to know to write for us. Don’t worry, it’s not just intimidating as you may think! What we really look for is PASSION for UI, and we will take care of the rest!

Who Can Write For Us

We are open for professionals and beginners who have passion for UI and have something to say about it (an idea). See? It’s not as intimidating as you think. You don’t need to be a top expert in this industry, but you should have an idea or topic regarding UI. Our editors will help you with the writing part.

How to Submit an Article

We actually prefer an outline over a complete article. Why is this so?

If your topic of choice happened to be published on UI Garage or it’s a common blog topic here, we may not accept the article altogether – wasting all your time and efforts. 

By showing us only the outline, you’ll know right away if you can proceed or not – sparing you of your writing investments!

An outline will also help us easily see what you’re about and how you intend to write them.

So, send us an outline first before you write an article. We will be happy to see what you got in there!

What is required for an article?

For every articles, we will require you to send:

  • High definition quality photo to demonstrate or illustration the subject you are talking about.
  • A minimum of 1500 words article
  • Title to be less than 55 characters
  • A biography of you
  • Your profile URL in Gravatar

What Articles Do We Publish

So far, we mainly publish these types of articles:

  • UI Basics – Of course, these articles will never cease to exist. Since UI is a very complicated topic, if you can write an article that will simplify this for beginners, we would love to see it!
  • Listicles – Usually, we write interesting listicles about UI. Often, these listicles are informative ones, but sometimes we just write them for fun and trivia.
  • Opinions – Opinions are always interesting stuffs. Do you have any opinion about a particular subject or issue in UI? If so, write for us!
  • Tutorial & Guides – If you want to share your knowledge with a particular UI tool, you can write about it here!
  • Case Studies – They’re simply lots of case studies you can do regarding the industry. It is very interesting to see what ACTUAL results occurred for a certain project or experiment.

Your article can be short or long, depending on the demand of your topic and how you approach to write it. As long as your article will give value to our readers, you’re good to go!

What We Don’t Write

We do not accept guest posts that’s primarily made for marketing. Excessive linking to your product is one sign of content marketing. While we can’t avoid linking to products and tools – even your product and tools – the primary goal of the topic should be information and not marketing. For this reason, we also don’t accept product reviews.

Who Are Our Readers

Our readers range from beginners, pros and everyone in between. That means, whether you write for UI beginners or seasoned ones, there is always a reader for your article!

What Will You Get If You Write For Us

  • If you’re primarily a writer or blogger on UI, you will get exposure
  • Our editors will help you in the writing process
  • We will promote your articles across our social media channels
  • You will have a short bio where you can write about yourself

Are You Ready?

If you’re interested to write for us, send us your outline here