Craft from UIGarage



Craft by InVision LABS is a powerful suite of plugins for Sketch and Photoshop that streamline workflow and collaboration with design and development teams. Craft makes it easy to build and maintain a common library of assets and styles, annotate and mark up designs in real-time, upload instantly to InVision, and sync updates on the cloud.

With Craft, you can seamlessly connect your design and prototyping workflow in just a click. You can also send your work to InVision without ever leaving your design environment. What’s good with Craft is that there is no more drag-and-drop hassle. Most especially, Craft helps developers get design measurements, colors, and more.

By using Craft, you can also build clickable prototypes easily inside your design environment. You can also link artboards with interactive hotspots, sync with a click to send your prototypes to InVision, and lastly, you can easily get rapid feedback from your team in real-time.

Craft from UIGarage