Framer from UIGarage



Framer.js is a tool to build interactive or animated prototypes. Framer originated by and for product designers, to employ an excellent control on the type of behaviour they would like to see in their products without having to write development code. It’s one of the quickest ways to transcribe a more elaborate design intention into something people can play with. Framer isn’t device specific. It can be used to prototype web/desktop apps, but the software for Androids also, iPhones, tablets, watches… it is also made to play nice with other product creator tools like sketch or photoshop. Framer has a broad community. Moreover, it has some talented users remarkably. Framer was thoroughly used at Facebook, which employed its authors once. The Facebook group of Framer users matter over 11, 000 customers from tech companies large and small and design studios all over the world. This grouped community is one of the critical assets of Framer, people share their work (interactive results + code) which really is a great way to learn and an incredible source of ideas. Indeed, Framer is not for everybody. It is what it is – an interactive prototyping tool. Where it certainly shines is to demonstrate one specific action /behaviour in great information. But what it can, it can well.