7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020

7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020 from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on October 13, 2020

Material Design is a unique design style created by Google in 2014. Being a product of Google, you will see its application on Google products such as Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, etc.

Material Design specifically focuses on designing a simple, clear and direct UX/UI design. If you are a follower of this principle, here are some of the best Material Design UI kits you can use for 2020. Some are free, but a good amount of them are premium. Regardless, they are all worth checking out!

1) Akavo

7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020 from UIGarage

Price: $24

Akavo is a highly resourceful Material UI kit that offers a good variety of components and designs, all without needing to do the hard work of starting from scratch. Because of the variety of design and approach it offers, you can use Akavo for different projects. Whether you’re working on a CRM, banking system, e-commerce or any possible system, you can use Akavo for your project!

2) Reactify

7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020 from UIGarage

Price: $24

Reactify is a diverse UI Material kit which is also known to be very helpful in virtually any project you take. Not only that, Reactify is also good regardless of your current skill level. So, whether you’re a beginner who looks for a beginner-friendly UI kit or a pro who needs some advanced tools, Reactify can meet your needs.

Last but not the least, because Reactify uses the most updated technology out there, using it can seriously boost your project’s workflow!

3) Free Material UI Design Kit

7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020 from UIGarage

Price: Free

If you really want to get the essence of Material Design, you should check out Free Material UI Design Kit.

This Material Design UI Kit is, as the name suggests, a UI kit that was specifically made for Material Design approach. And just because it is simple and free doesn’t mean it is not good: simplicity, after all, is one of the main basis of Material Design itself!

Material Design UI Kit works well with Photoshop CS6+, has customizable vector shapes, uses free font family, and many more!

4) Android Material Design UI Kit Sketch Resource

7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020 from UIGarage

Price: Free

If you are working on Android apps and designs, you may want to check out Android Material Design UI Kit Sketch Resource.

This Sketch UI kit was designed by Ivan Bjelajac, and it contains plenty of UI mobile app elements ready to be used whenever you need them.

And of course, this UI kit is free! So, if you’re planning to work on your Android project, you may want to check this UI kit out!

5) Fuse

7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020 from UIGarage

Price: $28

Fuse is a powerful and well-known Material UI kit that will set your project up in no time.

To begin with, Fuse will set your project up in no time, thanks to its predefined web design. You don’t need to start from the ground up; you just have to select layouts and other customization settings that you prefer to get started. Fuse also have great built-in applications such as chat, mail, analytics, eCommerce, calendar, etc. You can use them as you see them fit.

With a price of only $28, Fuse is a great Material UI kit for such great features!

6) Material Dashboard (Free and Premium)

7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020 from UIGarage

Price: Available with Free version and Premium version ($59)

While Material Dashboard has a price tag if you want to take full advantage of it, you can get a lot of it by only using its free version. You can already get a lot of features from the free version alone such as two plugins, 7 sample pages, 5 color filters, and a few more.

Of course, it’s best if you want to get its full version, but if you’re just starting out or just want to test the waters with Material Dashboard, you can do so without spending some money.

7) Crema

7 Best Material UI Kits for 2020 from UIGarage

Price: $24

The name Crema may sound like something suitable only for your dessert instead of something in UI design, but there’s a reason behind that: with Crema, most of the hard stuff are taken care of by this beautiful and powerful UI Material kit. All you need to do is to take care and enjoy the “cream” – the fun part, the refining polishes and working on the most important aspects of your project!

Its features won’t disappoint you, too: unlimited color options, 4 starter kits, more than 100 widgets, etc., Crema almost have all of the features you’ll need for your project!


These are just some of the best UI Material kit available which you can use for your next project. Best of all, whether they’re free or they come with a price, they won’t disappoint you – not to mention, most of the premium Material UI kit on this list don’t even exceed $30!

So, when working on your next project, you might want to check out the Material UI kit we’ve suggested for you on this list!