Is UX/UI Design For You? 5 Signs UX/UI Design Is (Probably) For You!

Is UX/UI Design For You? 5 Signs UX/UI Design Is (Probably) For You! from UIGarage
Nikka Estefani

Updated on June 9, 2020

So, you are thinking of becoming a UX/UI designer one day? Perhaps, design is your thing. Or maybe, creating a functional design is what you like doing.

But if you are still confused and wondering if UX/UI design is really for you, then we hope these 5 signs will help you decide on that.

Of course, these signs are not the only factors when considering whether to pursue UX/UI design or not, but these are key factors nonetheless!

So, let us not wait any further, let’s begin!

1) You both like creativity and technicality

Is UX/UI Design For You? 5 Signs UX/UI Design Is (Probably) For You! from UIGarage

Some career focuses on creativity – the unstructured, experimental way of doing things. Then, there are careers that highly prizes technicality – the rigid obedience to structure.

But then, some careers try to meet the best of both worlds – and UX/UI design is one of them!

UX/UI design needs the experimental, free-spirited ethic of creativity while ensuring that you still follow some of its basic principles and fundamentals. This is because while UX/UI design is about aesthetics, it is also about usability – how people can smoothly (or not smoothly) your design.

If you have a knack on both creativity’s free-spirit and technicality’s structure of principles, UX/UI design could be for you.

2) You have a love for understanding human behavior

As a UX/UI designer, you do not just create designs out of nowhere and hope that people will like it.

As a UX/UI designer, whether you are designer for usability of even visual aesthetics, it is important you understand your target users. In fact, this is probably the work of most, if not all, designers of all fields. As Dieter Rams eloquently put it, “You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people; design is made for people.”

Having a good understanding of psychology is very helpful, but you do not need a psychology degree to become a UX/UI designer. But, you must do your due diligence of knowing your target users – a woefully skip part in UX/UI design.

So, if you have a knack for human behavior or psychology, UX/UI design can be a great career for you.

If you want to know more about psychology and UX/UI design, we have an article written about that which you can check out later: 10 Psychology Principles Web Designers Must Know

3) You like being a master planner (while not missing out on the little details)

Is UX/UI Design For You? 5 Signs UX/UI Design Is (Probably) For You! from UIGarage

If you like the role of being a master planner – after all, planning and creating a complex system sounds cool and great – you can play that role by becoming a UX/UI designer!

As a UX/UI designer, you will be asked to always look at the big picture of the designs that you are working on. You will need to plan ahead and think on how to make each piece of the puzzle to fit in and work together.

But, you don’t just create wonderfully laid out plans and systems; you have to follow through the plan until completion – that means, you also need to look at the tiny details to make sure that your grand plan will work.

And since being a UX/UI designer means taking on such big projects, it is important you work with a team – which will be our next point.

4) You like working with a team (or at least, don’t mind working with one)

As already mentioned above, collaboration is very important in UX/UI design because it is simply impossible that you can take on big systems by yourself. You will need a help of a team so you can effectively and efficiently work on your project.

If you are a good team player and you really like UX/UI design, then you will probably very well fit in this career. But if you don’t like working with a team, then this part can be a struggle for you.

But collaboration is not enough – you have to be reliable! Some people seem to think that getting into meetings and “bringing out positivity” in the team is what makes them a team player. Those things are great, but if you don’t deliver the work, you are only hurting your team as much as you are hurting yourself and your career – after all, you work as a designer, not as a cheerleader or moral support!

5) You can meet with the deadlines

Is UX/UI Design For You? 5 Signs UX/UI Design Is (Probably) For You! from UIGarage

Needless to say, UX/UI design is a very demanding job, just like some other jobs. You have to be faithful in meeting the deadline for your work.

If you can keep up with the hustle and bustle of UX/UI design (perhaps, this work environment even energizes you), then UX/UI design would work well for you. But if you are having difficulty with the deadlines, then you have to strive on meeting them – or else, UX/UI design will really be difficult for you.

Is UX/UI Design For You?

If you say “Yes” to the list above, then UX/UI design is probably for you. On the other hand, if you really like UX/UI design but you have weaknesses in an area or two – for instance, you are a poor team player – do not be discourage. You can work on your weaknesses in the career. Besides, we all have areas for improvement, anyway.

At the end of the day, it’s really about whether you like UX/UI design or not. But if you this career, then we welcome you with open hands!

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